Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my chicken littles

Andrew dreams of chickens. He has designed multiple chicken coop options for our backyard. Discussing these possibilities is one of his three favorite topics. What's that? You're curious about the others? Well then...

When Andrew's feeling chatty, the subject generally involves either:

a) chicken coops/extending the garden/converting the yard into a farm...
b) 1985 Toyota 4-Runners
c) fruit trees
d) sometimes fish tanks

You can imagine his response when a neighbor asked if we'd like to be involved in the care taking of their 35+ chickens. In return for our weekly visit to their coop to feed, water and socialize with the "bawk-bawks" (as Lottie calls them), we collect the eggs!
Wanting to solidify his place as super awesome chicken tender (ha ha ha - so funny), Andrew built a new and improved chicken feed dispense system. His dedication goes beyond that. On our walk home tonight he told me of his mental plan to chart each chicken to make sure the local fox is not successful in his attempts to snatch them up.

We all know Andrew's a fan of living poultry. As for the kids...

Well shucks. I find myself longing for life on a farm. The John Deere hat is a nice touch, yes?

 And for the road, Henry wanted to share his first experience visiting the chickens.

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Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

that was hysterical. He is the funniest little boy. Thanks for capturing that on video.