Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Princess Rapunzel has a birthday!

Saturday night we helped a princess celebrate her fourth birthday!
 Hit the Flynn Rider pinata with a pan! Cute, right?

Sweet Emylie and her family have become dear friends of ours this past year. The kids were excited to dress up for the festivities!
 As Eliza continues to grow out of our current batch of dress ups, Lottie begins to fit in them well. Short on options, Eliza declared she was going as a "barbie girl."
 Lottie, I mean Aurora, was thrilled to have been included.
 No seriously. She was.
Candy still mesmerizes her. The sucker is still there! Lucky me!
Henry is Em's special friend. He is the Flynn to her Rapunzel. Check out his smolder.

This past Spring, the Make A Wish Foundation sent Emylie and her family on a magical trip to Disneyworld. I am so so happy the Parkers were able to have that experience! In June, they invited us to Emylie's star raising ceremony. It was such a special, emotion filled day. Thank you Melanie for including us.

This girl has the best smile. We sure love her. 

Now would be a good time to mention that there will be a fundraiser (a 5k) to help Emylie on Saturday, September 22nd. Learn more about Emylie here. To register for the 5k, click here.


jamie t. said...

so sweet! I love the pinata and the pan. Brillant

Liz Green said...

Wow! What a miracle child. Thanks for sharing.