Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saturday Shenanigans

From a trip to the Treehouse Museum to homemade water bottle launches, the children's time with their Dad on Saturday continues to be well spent.

Two weekends ago, admission at the Treehouse museum was waived to the public. Having been there with the kids before, I was eager for Andrew to see what all the happy fuss was about. For Lottie, the experience felt new, which added to the morning's excitement. Well aware of the fact that my children won't always be happy doing the same thing, I appreciate the times when an activity pleases all three of them.
This past Saturday, after indulging in a morning out with some friends, I came home to a clean house. I thought I was dreaming. Seriously, it was a real treat to come home and think only about playing with the family. That evening was spent playing with Callie, Mia and Sara while Aunt Ami and Uncle Adam went out on a date. It was a real treat for the Flegals to have them over.

Andrew put on his, "I'm the best Uncle ever" hat and got to work on completing a homemade launcher, for lack of a more specific title. Filling a 2 liter bottle with water, Andrew's contraption would shoot it high into the air leaving behind a trail of water. It was a thrill. Rootbeer floats and time in the sandbox about covers the remainder of our evening.

Waiting for the impending launch, cute Sara would hold my hand. 
"That was a good one!" she would say post launch.
The support crew... 3,2,1... GO!
Please note the exciting stream of water.
Lottie was equally fascinated with this rock.
My obligatory, "Oh my, how I love this baby girl" picture!
Sometimes I sneak in two.
Root beer floats seemed to be a most natural transition.
Shortly after taking this photo, I kicked the boys off the lawn mower and took a turn mowing the lawn via the John Deere. It was loud and fun.

"What's that kids? Huh? Sorry! I can't hear you. Go find Dad." :) 

I'm totally up for a swap in the cleaning/chores department with my Mr. He, however, shot that idea down.

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