Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dino Club

After proving ourselves committed patrons of the Dinosaur park, we went ahead and cemented the bond with a season pass. That's right, dear reader. Before the year is through, we are going to have a record number of,

"Ah! The dinosaur is going to eat me!" photos. 

 I can't wait. It does, however, leave me with a predicament. How do you create interesting narrative for the same outing? You know, I am learning loads of interesting dinosaur facts as a result of our frequent visits.  Perhaps I could sprinkle a few dino nuggets of knowledge into the posts.There's an idea or I could just keep it about the kids.

Looking over the collection, I am pleased to see that each trip has produced a stellar photo (or two) of the littlest, most wiggly, of the Fleglets. 

 This child makes my heart sing!

The friends and family we've been able to talk into coming with us adds a unique and fun factor to each trip. Last week we were able to squeeze in a visit with the Taylor crew followed by a visit with my dearest childhood friend, Emily and her two darling boys.
 Emily and I spent countless hours together as kids. Oh, the stories she could tell! Stories that involve being picked up by a police officer in the dead of night, crashing her car into a bush... also in the dead of night... before I had a drivers license, finding true love with total strangers at Lagoon (her, not me!) Ha! And I was worried about the dirt she would spill. Ah well. I've always been the one with the big mouth. As I wax nostalgic over this friendship, I feel compelled to add that she is the most dependable, loyal, rock solid friend a girl could have hoped to have growing up. Finally, as adults, we are getting our act together... trying to see each other more often.

* Insert the photo that you should have taken with Emily here *

Hearing our boys laugh in the back of my van together on the drive over and watching them dig up dino bones warmed my heart. I can say that about all my friends who have children that play with my own. It's just neat. Hang on a moment. I have to wipe the sap off my keyboard.    

Moving on...earlier in the week, as I already mentioned, we hit the park with the Taylors, Katie, her darling side kick duo, affectionately known as JEllie (the twins) and Nanna! (Thanks for overlooking my grammatical errors!) After a fun afternoon, Syrelle came home with us. Eliza was delighted that her wish to have a sleepover with Syrelle would come true. 
It appears that the lot has just been told to, "Go to your room!" Their expressions make me smile.
 Our crazy week also included a great visit from my friend and college roommate, Melissa. Along with her two boys, we made a trip to the splash pad. Per usual, I had a great time chatting with her. She is my kind of conversationalist! I neglected my camera which is truly a pity as our kids had a lot of fun at the park. Not to mention, Melissa is a stunner. The camera loves her. Thanks Mel for making the trek up!

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