Monday, September 10, 2012

Henry's first day of preschool!

Henry was excited to head back to school last Friday.

 He's ready to stretch those muscles in his brain (and arms!).
 But first, the members of his fan club need a goodbye hug.
 What a handsome preschooler.
 The smile on little sister's face didn't last long. In fact, when I dropped him off today for school, Lottie wailed, "No Henry!"
It wasn't long until her cry of, "No Henry" changed to, "More, Henry!" She doesn't want him to leave. She wants more Henry. I don't blame her. 

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Liz Green said...

I have to say that Truman has the exact same back pack. I just haven't seemed to get a picture of him wearing it. So funny! We'll make sure to bring it to Utah in November so we can get a picture of our boys and their twin back packs.
Yes, we are flying to Utah for Thanksgiving. :)