Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor day weekend

Labor day weekend involved a final swim at the Farmington pool, yard work, cheering on Andrew as he cleaned out his man cave, dinner at Nana Marie's and dinner at our place...  not exactly in that order.

 Is it possible to have too many cousins? I submit that it is not. In our family, the boys are a little outnumbered!
 They don't seem to mind too much. As for getting stuck in the toy bucket... well, that's no fun at all.
The use of our fire pit has been placed on hold as a precaution. It's dry in our area and it may or may not be illegal at this time. That didn't stop us from making smores. Thanks Papa and Nana!
Lottie was especially appreciative. 
 When someone looks as cute as she does while eating smores, the process of elimination in selecting photos for the blog fails.
 Good grief Lottie. I can't stand how cute you are. Speaking of cute, what a darling batch of adults. Yes?!?
 The adults engaged in some serious rounds of ladder ball while the children played. It was a fun night. Finally, a blog about people coming to our home would be incomplete without thanking them all for making the drive up!


Jen said...

Thanks for having us up! You have the funnest house ever!! I look like a goon in that picture :)

Liz Green said...

Oh how lucky you are to live so close to so many cousins. That is something we definitely miss.