Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mantua Reservoir

Every now and then, Andrew will spend his weekend 'at the office.' Is it just me or does that make us sound old and bland? Don't answer that. As disappointing as this sounds, he is able to compensate the time away by taking a day off during the work week; such was the case at the end of August.

Having a break between Eliza's Chinese summer camp and the official start of school, we opted for a Tuesday. With fishing on his brain, Andrew led the way to Mantua Reservoir.

We soon discovered that boating on a Tuesday certainly has its benefits.

 The beach was theirs for the taking! Despite being short on sand toys, the children were happily occupied for hours. With childhood creativity on their side, it didn't take long until they were lost in their own world of sand castles and water systems.

Speaking of creativity, it's no secret that this is not my strong suit. This is why I'd like to take a moment to gloat as I creatively 'made due' that day when necessary. You see, Lottie's Mom neglected to bring baby wipes. It's kind of ironic (and disappointingly enough, typical) that I'd forget something so essential when I'm so prepared in other ways: hand lotion (I am o.c.d. - that one matters!), coordinating beach towels, dry clothes, an arsenal of symptom relievers in case someone came down with a sudden case of the flu, etc...
Realizing my mistake early on, I futilely crossed my fingers that Lottie wouldn't soil her diaper. Guess what? She went twice. Of course. The manner in which I handled those situations with the limited resources I had was nothing short of impressive. You will be spared the details. Our misadventure in wipe-less diaper changing proved to be the biggest hiccup of our day. Translation: The day was wonderfully spent.

With the shade tent up, camping chairs set and our picnic lunch distributed, we were set.
 The kids took turns boating with Dad, Lottie included.
There's the tube that neither of them wanted to be pulled on behind the boat. You win some, you lose some... and then you WIN some! 

The fishing was stellar. 
 The kids brought back a bucket of ten fish. They, Andrew included, took their time telling me about each one before releasing them back into the water.

Andrew, thank you for transforming a mundane Tuesday into a memorable one. We had a great day.

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