Sunday, September 30, 2012

Soccer Saturdays

We're about half way through Eliza and Henry's first ever soccer season, so I figure now is as good of time as any to do a little soccer season recap.
 Says Lottie, "You know, Mom... I'd like a jersey too."

 The season began and to be honest, they were both more excited about their uniforms than playing in a game. Am I right, Eliza?
 Work it, girl.
Henry, also known as player #4, was cooperative his first thirty seconds of being on the soccer field. When the game actually started, he short circuited a bit ...or completely. Apparently the stick figure drawings that I so carefully drew to explain how the game would be played didn't do the trick. 
 I am pleased to report that, in the subsequent weeks that followed, Henry's confidence has grown. I think that his experience on the field increased his understanding of the game allowing him to relax and have fun.
And even more importantly, he understands the motivational promise of a soccer treat post game.
 Go get 'em, Henry!
 With the help of a weekly soccer practice, Eliza picked up on the rules of the game quickly. My favorite thing about Eliza's experience so far is how cute she looks in a uniform the dynamic of her team. She has great friends to play with and an even better coach.
 Way to hustle, Eliza.
 *Insert another cliche sideline soccer cheer here:
 What a great kick! Go defense, go!  Like I said, we're not done with the season. I have time to come up with loads more cliche cheers. Does anyone know how many years I have until my sideline enthusiasm embarrasses my kids?

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