Friday, October 26, 2012

An Education on Birthdays

 The Sunday prior to Lottie turning two, Nana Marie hosted a birthday party. And although Lottie's attended a few parties in her day, the concept of candles and cake, wrapping paper and presents and a birthday song just for her (!!!!) seemed new. I'll be the first to admit that guiding her through these rights of passage is a sublime parental responsibility!

 "Did someone say party?!"

Carrying on a tradition from my own Grandma, when my family gathers to celebrate a grandchild's birthday she also brings a surprise and/or gift for the other grandwee's too. She keeps it simple but has never failed in her quest of spoiling them all with a little something. Whether its a notebook with stickers or over sized red lips and a pair of silly glasses, these kids love her for it.
Upon receiving her gifts from Nana, Lottie was stymied. Thankfully,  there were plenty of present opening professionals on hand to get her started. Once she realized that inside was something special for her, she was thrilled. 

 Adding to the afternoon of fun was sharing the moment with Brynn and Mia. Both cousins have birthdays that fall in the same week as Miss Lottie. Beautiful Brynn turned seven and Magnificent Mia turned eight!

 Next came a song and cupcakes. I think this was my favorite part. Nana thoughtfully prepared a colorful plate of cupcakes for each birthday girl. Lottie's were pink. While we sang to the birthday cuties, Lottie kept looking up at me and waving. "Hi Mom!" she'd say.
"Who me?"

This was a great opening to Lottie's birthday celebrations. Leaving her Nana's that night, Lottie now had a memory to associate with the word birthday. Birthday, in fact, quickly became her favorite word especially when attached to the word, 'mine.'

 Thank you Nana for a great night!

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The Black Family said...

Lottie is adorable! Seriously such a cutie! Happy birthday Lottie.