Friday, October 5, 2012

fall faces, familiar places

I have a collection of miscellaneous pictures that it's time to do something with so here we are.

 "Hi friends!" 

Henry, with his stellar bed head, loves his little sister very much. He is incredibly affectionate with her, not to mention, he is tolerant beyond expectation of her feisty spirit (read: she likes to pick on him).
 "Don't your forget who wears the pants in this relationship!" She warns. 

Yes. That sounds about right.

Fall has arrived. I forgot how stunning it is. We have never lived this close to mountains. They are alive with color. Eliza has a great view of them from the playground at her elementary school. 
And while we've enjoyed homemade soup and other autumn comforts, we have yet to say goodbye to the bags of popsicles and ice cream.

As of late, we're still enjoying playing outside with friends.
 Having a late start with this year's planting, our garden's production has been minimal compared to year's past; which is why these little beauties were all the more fun to pick.
"What's up, doc?"

After Eliza's broken arm, both kids were reluctant to return to their bikes. After voicing my concern over the dust collection on said bicycles (read: "If you're not going to use them, how about we give them to some children who will?), we made it around our circle as a family. It wasn't long until my shadowing services were no longer needed.
Henry hasn't wanted to stop riding since. 
 Did someone say, 'bike ride'?

Andrew has his own definition of what it means to really take a bike ride.
No, friends. That beauty doesn't belong to him. His version of beautiful runs a little different. And yes, that's probably a slam on myself, but I'm okay with that. What I'm trying to say is that this past month Andrew sold our 1998 civic. 
Because car history matters at this house, sorry, here's a quick summary. We purchased the civic in 2006 from Andrew's parents shortly before Eliza was born. Our personal history extends further than that as it was the car that he took me to senior prom in back in 2002. Crazy, right? Anyway, it's been with us for many years. Andrew was sad, for about twenty five seconds, when it was sold a few weekends back.

The problem was, the vehicle he had his sights set on wasn't ready yet. AS AWESOME AS IT WAS (feel the sarcasm, embrace the sarcasm) to take him to and from work everyday in the interim, we jumped at the chance to borrow my super cool, awesome in every way, studly, quick witted, handsome brother Mark's motorcycle. 
 Superlatives are necessary when writing about the generosity of a friend or family member. And if you know Mark, you know he's not embarrassed by said praise. ;)

And finally, after days that felt like YEARS to my poor husband... the 4 runner was his.
I pretty much haven't seen my husband since. He is busy happily checking off his list of updates and improvements. As for Mark's motorcycle, we still have it. Why? Because we stink at returning things. So if you're smart, don't let us borrow your stuff! I expect that it will be back in Mark's garage this weekend (fingers crossed).

Thanks again, Mark.
Last but not least, Eliza and Henry participated in our ward's primary program last Sunday. I considered Henry a wild card as we prepared and practiced his part. I was optimistic but kept my mind open that he might feel overwhelmed, shy, etc.

I was happily proven wrong. That sweet boy sang his heart out. He knew the words to each song well and was full of enthusiasm. Watching both Eliza and Henry do their best was a lot of fun, for lack of a better word. My emotional Mom heart was soaring high in happy heart heaven. As I teach Primary, I was up in the stands too. I had a prime view of Andrew's huge smile and his parent's faces too. Thank you Nanna and Bubba for coming.We had lunch at our house after followed by a great visit outside. We love you!


Karina said...

Fun! Our Primary program is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm prepared to get as misty-eyed as I have the past few times....and my own child is not even IN the program - I'm going to sob (in that strange, proud and happy motherly way) when Becca and Thing 2 are in it.

Liz Green said...

I'm not surprised to see Andrew all excited about his new 4 wheeler. If I remember correctly, didn't he use to have one a lot like that years back before you bought the civic?

I am also looking forward to our primary program in a couple weeks. Too bad Mark will be out of town that same weekend.