Monday, October 22, 2012

His Man-cation

 There was nature.

(Beautiful nature.)
There was wildlife.

 There were horses.
There were orange vests. There were guns.
There was a tent with a wood burning stove, mouthwatering, man-designed, meals and last but not least, there was Bubba.

The three night, four day elk hunting trip to Craig, Colorado made Andrew's spirit sing. I could feel of his happiness through our simple text conversations.

And I quote:

Andrew: We can hear elk all around. We saw 15 today. Should have success tomorrow.

Ali: Are you having fun? Are you bonding?

(*side note: typical Ali is more interested in the relationship, warm fuzzy, bonding portion of the trip)

Andrew: Yes. This is almost as good as being on Survivor. Except steak for every meal.

Andrew: It rained most of today. We are supposed to get 8 inches of snow between now and tomorrow afternoon.

Andrew: I think there will be horse and elk hunts in our future. Other than the lack of toilets, I think you would love it.

Ali: Seriously? I would love it? Trying sending me to Hawaii instead. :)

Despite the lack of photographic evidence that Andrew was there, it was apparent that he had a blast. I'll be honest, I was less than enthused over the timing of his last minute trip. While camping/hunting with Bubba was always in the cards, this particular trip conflicted with the Super Saturday activity that I was in charge of. Add three children and two soccer games into the mix and you're left with a crazed wife. Thankfully my Mom jumped in on Andrew's behalf making his absence on Saturday manageable and thus saving our marriage. Ha ha ha. That was a joke.

Seriously though, thank you Mom for watching the kids. I sure enjoyed sharing their games with you. I extend my deepest apologies over my ignorance to the fact that your camping chair was broken.

Thank you Bubba for providing Andrew with such a memorable outing. It 'spoke' to his nature loving soul. Feeling as though he had his fix of man stink nature, he said this experience quieted that voice in his head that is forever beckoning him to drop everything and move to a remote place in Canada to live solely off the land. Excuse me, what? You're husband doesn't have similar, hermit-like, aspirations? At any rate, we're glad he's found contentment in the land of suburbia, surrounded by his rug rats and an uptight wife whom he can still magically melt.


rachel garber said...

Oh man, this is Ryan's kind of thing too. Every time I even broach the idea that I am not living forever in Wyoming, a little part of him dies or goes into an anxiety attack. He absolutely loves our wilderness life. And I'll admit, it isn't so bad usually :)

Karina said...

Devin's kinda like that too...and sometimes I want to join him in living the hermit life. Can you be a hermit if you're living with someone?