Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The birthday girl's itinerary

Lottie's birthday coincided with the beginning of U.E.A. weekend.

"Perfect!" I thought. "We can spend the morning at Hogle Zoo; with the rest of the state of Utah. It will be great!" And it was. However, wanting to avoid the predictable crowd, I made sure we were there soon after the zoo opened. 
 It was a chilly morning. The children, however, were out of their jackets and snow hats
sooner than expected.
As exciting as it was to see the animals, Lottie was equally happy that she was allowed out of her stroller. Keeping pace with the older kids made her feel special.
It's true. She is a valuable member of their team.
It wasn't long until we were joined by another incredibly special, birthday girl.
Nana Teresa and Lottie share the same birthday!! Pretty neat, yes? Aunt Katie, Ellie and James came to share in the fun too.
I was especially touched when Aunt Katie produced a bag of homemade blueberry muffins complete with candles so that we could sing to Nanna and Lottie. Katie is the Queen of Thoughtful; not to mention, the muffins were delicious. It was a sweet moment!

Morning is a great time to visit the zoo. The animals were alert (that's zoo code for 'entertaining') as they seemed very interested in their breakfast. 
The polar bear, we learned, is dedicated to his exercise program/routine. We had so much fun watching him dip down into the water, pop up in front of the glass and then glide onto his back only to do it all over again.
 We love the darling outfits you gave Lottie. Thanks again Nanna and Katie for spending the morning with us.

Not wanting Daddy to miss out on all of the fun, we held off on her 'party' until he came home from work. For those who could come, we enjoyed smores, hot chocolate, ice cream... and wait for it, a store bought Dora cake! If that doesn't inspire you to nominate me for Mom of the year, I don't know what will.
I will say, on my lazy behalf, that Lottie was thrilled with her Dora cake in all its frosted glory.

 "Seriously Mom? Where the heck is my pinterest cake?"

Cute cousin Kate was able to help Lottie find a birthday smile. Despite her serious expressions, the girl was delighted.

"It's a Happy Birthday to me!" Followed by an enthusiastic, "Mine!" she would say.

Presents were another highlight. 
Thank you to those who came to celebrate.
We love you Lottie!


rachel garber said...

Hahahahah, "Where is my pintrest cake?"

Loved that commentary. You see, I will never make fancy cakes because it doesn't interest me and I lack the skill. Unfortunately I married into a family that does not accept store-bought cakes on any occasion and as a result will probably never be invited to any future-children's birthday parties. :) I am so my mother's daughter and I survived every birthday of store-bought cake, so I think it's fabulous that you bought a rockin' Dora one for Lottie.

BnK said...

Those outfits are adorable on her. Thanks for spending the morning with us.

Christi said...

Buying a cake doesn't make you mother of the year? I must have missed the memo because I always buy a cake. I'm lazy what can I say.

She's adorable! I hope you had a fun day!