Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The bonus girls trip

Thanks to my Aunt's generosity, my Mom, sister and I were able to head South a day and a half before my Grandpa's funeral. After loading up in Dawnie's fabulous truck,

(Consider this on Mama's Christmas list, Andrew)

we were on our way to Mesquite, Nevada (and every Maverick station between Salt Lake and St. George). 

I suppose I ought to mention that in the first twenty minutes of my trip, a member of our traveling party, who shall not be named, was pulled over for speeding. Thanks to my big mouth, I informed the officer that my brother was likewise a police officer. Enter false statement,

"I am not trying to butter you up... (actually, I am), but our brother is a police officer."  This could go one of two ways I thought to myself. He looks up in interest,

"Whose brother?" I am sitting next to my sister; who may or may not have been the driver involved in said incident.

"Our brother." Come on, Sir. "We're sisters, can't you tell?" Because the rest of the world can. I've been called, 'Ami' on a regular basis since adolescence. 
"Where does he work?" We tell him.

"What does he do?" ... Really? I wanted to say, 

"He catches bad guys, same as you..." but luckily Ami jumped in with his official policeman title. 

 After convincing him that we were worthy of his mercy based on this association, he said that if he was contacted by our brother, he'd see what he could do. I am pleased to say that Officer Mike delivered! The ticket was dropped after he made the call. Hooray! It was a road trip miracle. Things only went up from there.
Dawnie's beautiful home

Dinners out, a generous amount of conversation, a movie (we ended up walking out of...) and hiking in dress shoes all contributed to a great weekend.

Here are some photos from our day trip to the Valley of Fire. We are eager to return here and camp with the kids.
Preparing to scale the stairs to see ancient petroglyphs.
Half way up, my Mom remembers she is terrified of heights.
She kept on anyway. Way to go, Mom!

Not hiking shoes.

This photo would be that much better if it was 
my kids heads poking through instead of mine.

Speaking of my kids, it has to be said that I missed them terribly. I was only away two nights but based on my behavior, you'd have thought it had been weeks. We have an extra cell phone, long story, so Andrew used this opportunity to teach Eliza how to text. Now that I'm home and the phone is out of her hands, I don't have the heart to delete our first ever text message conversation that spanned the three days I was gone. Her spelling attempts were darling and her dramatic sentiment echoed her Mother's.

Perhaps they should have come along, but I think there time at home was well spent. Andrew took Friday off from work to accompany Eliza on a field trip to... wait for it... the dinosaur park. Since we have 1,000 dinosaur park pictures already, I couldn't fault him for not taking any. Nanna Teresa came up to tend the other kids so Andrew could go with Eliza. Thanks Nanna!

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