Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Belated 'Boo!'

Tell me, friend. What does Tinkerbell, a Gold Samuri Power Ranger and a Vampire have in common?

You're right. They don't have much in common. Andrew laments each year over our lack of costume coordination. Maybe next year, honey. I went with Eliza and Henry's costume request and Lottie went with mine.

Said in an ominous tone, "I want to be a vampire princess!" 
(Rolling the 'r' sound on the word 'princess' was consistent on her part)

To be honest, she wasn't at all interested in white face paint, plastic fangs or pretend blood. As we were getting reading for our first Halloween event, the ward Trunk or Treat, I informed her that vampires are infamous for drinking blood. This news horrified her.  Next year, I predict a return to Disney characters. We'll see.

As for Henry, he relished the role of hero.
There were days, however, when I thought the sword might have been a mistake. If you were on his 'bad guy' list, you may have fallen victim to being hit with the sword. Whether it was on purpose or accidental, I wasn't always sure. All I know is that I heard myself say,

"You do that again and I get to eat all your candy." or "Give me the sword. HENRY! GIVE ME THE SWORD!"

Seriously though, he is such a super stud.

As for Tinkerbell, I have to say that watching her react to the collection of candy was great fun. Having no memory from last year, it was special to experience this as a "first" with her.
In addition to the trunk or treat, we also enjoyed our first visit to the neighborhood, 'Mafia Man' (that's a post for another day year.), had a party with our cousins, watched Eliza parade through her elementary school, carved pumpkins and trick-or-treated through our neighborhood.

I remember, back in South Carolina, feeling lonely on Halloween as we didn't have anyone to tag along with. Trick-or-treating with groups is great, but this year we ended up going alone as a family. We saw friends along the way, which was fun, but what I'm trying (and failing so hard) to say that I feel content with my lot.  It was sweet watching Eliza and Henry dart to each door with each other, compare candy piles and scream in unison, "Yes!" when Andrew asked if they wanted to go out for another round of candy collecting with him.
Until next year.

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Paparazzi Boutique said...

Awe, you got to experience the 'Mafia Man.' I'm so sorry, or I mean, congrats! After many years of visiting his house and having pounds of candy to throw away I opted to tell my children 'no' this year, that their mother didn't want to stand in line for hours.