Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Winter Preview

Wanting to participate in a little (pre) Halloween action, Mother Nature surprised us with a trick of her own.

I have to say that there are others in my family who would argue that it was less of a trick and more of a treat to wake up a week before Halloween to a decent sized snow storm. As I drove Eliza to school that morning, I remember thinking how neat the snow capped mountains looked as the lower half remained bright with the colors of fall. The two seasons, winter and fall, had met.

Henry just about bounced out of his pajamas, he was so excited to dive into the snow outside. Eliza, on the other hand, was bummed that she had to go to school. After assuring her that Henry wouldn't use up all the snow in our over sized backyard, she cheered up some.
"Careful Henry. Make sure you save some snow for your sister." ;) 

She did, however, miss out on the first cup of hot chocolate.
A boy and his hot chocolate; what more could you ask for?

Oh I know. How about a super awesome Dad who decides to hook up the sled to the lawn mower so that he can give rides to his kids? How about that?!
 They loved every minute of it. The ride lasted for a half hour at least. Lottie tried it but opted out after a few runs around the yard. And when I say that she, 'opted' out... I mean she rolled out of the sled.

Here's Lottie before she James Bonded her way off the sled. 

In the sledding department, things have sure improved for Andrew. Here's a flashback to 2010 to help illustrate what I mean.

  Eliza was thrilled that Henry kept his word. He saved her a yard full of snow.

The temperature soon jumped back up. Three days later, the snow was gone. By the time Halloween arrived, we were back in the 70's. Despite Mother Nature's temperamental mood, we sure enjoyed the Winter preview (minus the piles of wet clothes, gear and snow boots that littered the house from the continual bustle of kids running in and out to play). 
"Snow is AWESOME!!"

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