Thursday, December 13, 2012

A brother for Henry!

Like Henry, we're pretty enthused over the news that baby four is a boy!! With each pregnancy, I have found myself in a new doctor's office for different reasons. Each experience has been unique with their own list of pros and cons. It would be interesting to share those details, but I'll leave that post for another day.

What I enjoy very much about the office I'm (or should I say 'we're'?) currently at, is that at each appointment there is an ultrasound. That is standard for their practice and yes, insurance covers it. They also provided a DVD that I am to bring to each appointment so they can record the latest developments in one place as a keepsake to the Mother. With that being said, I have never (until now) had an ultrasound at 12 weeks.

November 7th, I went in per usual for my appointment. My Doctor, who is a very upbeat person by nature, suddenly grew quiet. The smirk on his face, however, stayed put. In a tone that was suspiciously casual he asks,

"Are you and your husband planning to find out the gender?" He knew. I could tell that he knew. Before I answer I assume right then that if he can tell then he MUST be seeing BOY!! I had to confirm.

"YES! Yes we want to know. Can you already tell?" His smile grows bigger.

"I think so."

And then I saw it for myself... a boy... another BOY!

"What if he's tricking us?" He confessed to being tricked before, but didn't think that would happen this time. Skipping out of his office (not really), I went to the store, purchased a blue balloon and a candy bar (I thought I'd keep this record honest... I was hungry and to happy to resist), picked up Lottie and drove straight to Andrew's office.

Feigning a small amount of concern, I told him that the baby was fine but that I was actually just outside, needing to talk to him. Out he came. As he directed me where to park, his worried face caught sight of the blue balloon. On cue, that smile that I drove all the way there to see in person, broke through. We went up to his desk so that he could watch the DVD himself. The balloon, however, stayed in the car

(It turns out, Andrew isn't a huge fan of attention.)

He'd been with me the other times I found out the gender... today's news had been unexpected and I didn't have the willpower to refuse the information. I wanted to be there in person to see his face when he found out that he was having another a son, Henry would have a brother... that he was actually going to get his F.. um... let's try that again. In May, our new baby Forr... (* coughing loudly). Andrew will finally hold our new baby Fo-rre...

Ah man. I just can't make myself type it.

If you're confused, click here.

As the children colored their pictures of baby Jesus in the manger last Monday for family night, Andrew doodled on piece of paper of his own during the activity. I couldn't help but smile when I discovered that he had written the name, "Forrest Flegal" 20 times, in various fonts and crayon color all over his paper. I just wanted you to know that particular discussion is ALIVE and WELL (heavy on the sarcasm) at our house.

Anyway, back to November 7th... it was a very fun morning. I wanted to wait to share the news until it was confirmed at my 16 week appointment: Great news, he's still a boy! 


rachel garber said...

You know, I've loved that name for about ten years and was slightly sad that you didn't use it last time. Tell Andrew I'm on his team for this one!!

Karina said...

:) I had to smile reading this. I also wanted to apologize if I upset you by siding with Andrew at Thanksgiving - and for teasing you. :) It's a cute name - you'll get used to it. ;)

Karen said...

We sure do love boys!!! It seems like every pregnant woman that I know right now is having a boy. Heavenly Father is preparing his army!

Ali said...

You guys! Andrew is fist pumping in the corner over here. Where's the Team Ali support?! Ha, I'm just kidding. But not really. ;)

Vause Family said...

Andrew doesn't like attention? No! I can't wait for baby Forrest to be born! And wouldn't that be grand if he were born on the all-famous day of the 25th? Miss you!

The Black Family said...

How exciting!! I love the name Forrest! It completely goes with the names you have! Congrats you guys! We sure love you!