Friday, December 21, 2012

Backyard Adventures - The Igloo Edition

Last Saturday morning (Dec. 15), Andrew was out the door in a hurry. He had a job to do. Having recently attached the snow plow to the John Deere lawn mower, he was eager to plow our driveway before the sun had a chance to melt it. :) One of these days, Andrew and his plow are truly going to serve as heroes because the threat of the sun doing its job won't be a real one.

The children weren't far behind him. When his job plowing was through, he joined the kids in the backyard where the lot of them went to work building an igloo. 

Using an empty plastic storage bin, Andrew went to work filling it up - snow brick by snow brick - to construct a pretty fun space for the kids. 

As expected, the kids took on a supervisory role.
 At last, their home outside of their home was ready.
 A few construction notes on behalf of the builder:
  •  The wood used at the opening of the igloo didn't serve as the entire roof. It was positioned at the entrance only. 
  • Despite being seated for the pictures, the kids could actually stand in and move around their igloo.
  • The credit for the beach toy decor also goes to said builder.
The morning concluded with a spin around the yard on the sled (or maybe that's how it began?) before the kids were at the door informing Mom that they were indeed ready for their hot chocolate.
 Here's hoping for a white Christmas.


jamie t. said...

We're hoping for a white christmas too!

*Jess* said...

this almost makes me wish that I lived in an area with snow.... almost :)

Its 30 degrees here this morning in SC!

Liz Green said...

Wow! Way to go Andrew on the Igloo. I'm very impressed and it looks like him and the kids are having way too much fun getting pulled by the John Deere.
Wishing we had a white Christmas!