Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cookies To Go

 "Cookie, anyone?"

If there were any Christmas traditions that I'd be willing to swap for something more simple, cutting out and decorating sugar cookies might be it. Yes. The pregnant grinch Mom resurfaces. Eliza, who has been asking to have this event calendared since Thanksgiving passed, would never allow it.With my grinchy head hung in shame, I have to thank Eliza for ensuring this happy memory was made. The piles of flour dust (eventually) clear and the aching feet that are born of a stubborn resistant to wearing shoes inside whilst cutting six dozen cookies (eventually) heal. The memory of sneaking a taste of batter, hearing your sibling praise your latest frosting/sprinkle design and the eventual tummy ache born of gleeful cookie consumption is what I hope they remember. Oh yes, and the happy faces of friends and primary teachers who are on the receiving end of our yearly delivery.

 Massage that dough. Love that dough. Nibble that dough.
 "Look Mom. No hands!"
 "Carry on kids. I've got a yogurt to eat."
 Breaking up the activity into two different days also helped.
 What a delicious mess! Until next year.


Becky Sharp said...

And the mother of the year award goes to...Ali! :-) I'm not even pregnant, and I let the mommy Grinch get the best of me all the time. I bet seeing your kids' delighted faces made it all worth while.

K to the T said...

I just want to reach out and grab Lottie she is so cute in that picture!!!