Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Lights

Last Thursday, Andrew returned home from a business trip. Unlike last year's marathon visit to Florida, this year his trip to Florida lasted three days. Exhausted from his early morning departure, he came home and crashed. The good news was, he wasn't at work which allowed us a headstart up to Willard Bay to see Christmas lights.

For nine dollars per vehicle, you can drive through a beautifully lit Christmas display. For any car that's occupied with a small child or Christmas enthusiast, payiing for the ten minute drive is entirely worth it. Even better, for those who choose it, you can park your car and climb aboard a horse drawn wagon instead for the same price.

Being there on a weekday and arriving soon after they opened, we didn't have to wait long at all for the wagon ride. The horses were adorned with bells that "jingled all the way." The children were mesmerized. Lottie's eyes began to water. It was probably from the dust that the horses who we were seated directly behind kicked up, but for the sake of cheesy merriment, let's pretend it's because she was so fascinated that she didn't remember to blink.  

While some light displays honored the birth of Christ, others celebrated the joy of Santa Claus. We saw some Disney magic sprinkled in too. The kids were snuggly, there was caroling and a bonfire to greet our return. My family was centered in the middle of a Hallmark card. I loved it.

The cherry on top was discovering that Santa was stationed there that night as well. Warming ourselves right up, we went into his inn. With one family ahead of us and  no one behind us (weekdays rock), our kids were able to take their time with their visit.

Lottie surprised us by her willingness to run straight to his lap. Once she was there, however, she went mute. Her wide eyes didn't move from my face as we encouraged her to interact. There wasn't any sign of tears, but she seemed to silently yell at me,

"Mom, why am I on this man's lap? Can I please get my candy cane now?!"
Santa asked Eliza if he could bring her just one toy, what would it be? Surprising us all she easily said,

"A needle and a thread." Santa's expression mirrored mine.

"What the heck?!" Eliza, our artistic craft enthusiast, wants to learn to sew. That's pefect Eliza. We just need someone to re-teach your Mom for the 10th time first.
Henry's list changes dependning on the latest t.v. commercial he has seen. With that being said, he'll be so easy to please Christmas morning.
It was a happy night spent with the Christmas kids we love so much.

I took a few photos of the light display, but didn't bother to post them as they don't do the scene justice. Here's an article from the SL Tribune that has better ones for anyone considering a visit.

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