Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Making

A few weeks back, we gathered at my Mom's for a family Christmas party. The evening's festivities included 'gingerbread' house decorating, watching the children perform the nativity, dinner and cheesecake! (!!!!!!)

 Two bites into my dinner, Eliza appeared at my side. Urgently she whispers,

"Is it time to decorate our houses yet?" Shaking my head, 'No,' I acknowledge the adults full dinner plates and suggest that we finish dinner first. She was eager to get going on this most delicious of holiday projects.

The big kids were up first. It was a happy sight and sound as the got busy with their creations.
Her diligent effort paid off.
Although I'm certain he enjoyed putting his house together, Henry was most interested in sampling it. Wanting to keep his hands clean, Henry dino chomped his way through his masterpiece. In his mind, a sticky face is more tolerable than sticky hands. He makes me laugh.

 The Lottie Elf was thrilled to have access to the candy bowls. She kindly agreed to each of her Mom's decorating choices. We're a good team that way.

Nana excused herself to dress the performers. Thinking back, I feel awful that I didn't assist her in that huge task of outfitting the bouncing group of hopped up on sugar kids in the basement.
The Flegal girls joined Brynn and Sara as the angels. Eliza took her part seriously as she was the only one to repeat what the narrators read that pertained to her role.
Bring on the shepherds.

My favorite Henry moment was watching him reverently clasp his hands when meeting the baby Jesus. Joey who played this most important part, was darling as he calmly laid in the laundry basket full of blankets that Eliza had thoughtfully compiled.

 And last but not least, the nativity wouldn't have been complete without the donkey who dutifully carried Mary to Bethlehem. What do you know? I knew the perfect 'jackass' for the job.

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Becky Sharp said...

Ali, you crack me up. Love the last line. :-)