Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Temple Square with Michael

Before heading to Salt Lake to pick up Michael, we attended our ward's Christmas breakfast. Having a tendency to get times wrong, we showed up quite early. Happy to be able to help, we got busy filling in where we could. The morning was enjoyed by each of us as we visited with neighbors, ate delicious food, sang Christmas songs and welcomed Santa and his jolly lady love.

Eliza was second in line to greet him. Momentarily horrified that she'd left the list she'd made him that morning at home on the counter, she quickly composed herself. After sitting herself on his lap she articulately and professionally rattled off her Christmas wish list. It was so efficient that if you had told me that she had it memorized in alphabetical order, I would have believed you. Per my request, she loosened up for a quick picture.
Suggesting we ought to be sensitive of his time (and the other kids waiting in line) I quickly added two more Flegals to his lap for a picture.
Lottie was unimpressed, but considering last year's reaction I would say it was a step up!  Henry was up next. Unlike his sister, he went blank. Lucky for him, Mom was there to whisper his Christmas wishes. 'Coincidentally,' each thing he repeated to Santa, matched the same list that I've been working on for him this year.

Off topic:

I give Andrew grief about the dishes on a regular basis. It would seem that he's allergic to the sink and I'm pretty sure we were in agreement before this pregnancy started that he'd tackle this duty as a favor to the wife who gags and coughs whenever she encounters scents of an awful nature. And while I could fill pages of all that he does do to contribute to the welfare of our family, doing the dishes does not top the list. 

So... when Eliza found her Daddy doing the dishes following the breakfast in the kitchen of the Church, she found me in the hall and hollered,

"Hey Mom!! You have got to see this! Dad really DOES know how to do the dishes. Come look!" It provided laughs for everyone in range of Eliza's declaration. I couldn't help myself. I replied,

"It's a Christmas miracle!"

Following said miracle, we were off to Salt Lake to find our friend Michael. Now, if you had one chance to treat a foreign friend in Salt Lake to lunch, where would you go?

Did I just hear someone say, Cafe Rio? Because that's where we went. We headed to Nanna and Bubba's where we enjoyed lunch together. After that, Andrew and Michael (per Michael's request) headed back downtown to do a session at the temple. Later that evening, Bubba, Nanna and I bundled up the kids to meet them. It was surprisingly warm considering it is December. Unsurprisingly, it was super crowded. That's okay, though.

I was so happy to see that the candy windows are back! A friend of mine helped her daughter to build/create the green ornament. Due to the crowd, it was difficult to take a picture of it, but it was still fun to see a name of an artist that we recognized.
 I was happy to have Nanna and Bubba there to help me while we waited for Andrew and Michael. Not only that, but they always make outings more special and memorable (water, anyone?!) when they're with us.
 That cute blob of orange is Henry up on his Dad's shoulders.
 And finally, we paused for a family photo. If Eliza looks a little dazed, it's because she was. A few minutes prior to having this picture taken, Eliza walked straight into a rod iron fence that had been propped open. She's lucky not to have bled, but she had a nasty bump. Poor girl. Considering that on our prior holiday outing she was the one who 'got lost,' I'd say she's due for some festive fun minus any emotional and physical injury.

After dropping Michael off at his hotel that night, it was Andrew who began spewing/verbalizing his sadness.

"And just like that it's over."

Don't worry, I gave him a hug.

To Michael: it was a treat spending the day with you. Thanks again for the German chocolate goodies and treats. You're the best. We miss you and your family and hope to see you soon!!

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