Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Blog says: Quick, Ali. Before Christmas sneaks up from behind, why don't you go ahead and blog about Thanksgiving?
Ali says: Good idea, blog. I think that's a great idea. You know what though? I'm tired. Maybe I should find a minute tomorrow instead...

Blog says: That's what you said five nights ago.

Ali says: Well ya. I was tired then too.

Blog says: But if you fall too far behind, who is going to champion the cause of a dying, nearing extinction, social fad?

Ali says: Someone else. A whole bunch of someone elses... A group of someone elses who get paid for blogging. 

Blog says: Hang on, Ali. Before you order me to hibernate, can you just remember how much fun your family had that weekend?

Ali says: Oh, I remember. But I'll also remember in the morning.

Blog says: Shhh, shhh, shhh!! Wait. This matters. Your pictures are already here. Just run through it real quick. You could have opted out of  our imaginary conversation (you're totally and legitimately crazy, by the way) and have been done with the captions by now. Your time for cleverness and charm has passed. That ship of awesomeness has SAILED, lady. Just robot-like and systematically recap your Thanksgiving weekend.

Ali asks: And then I can go to bed?

Blog says: Yes! Yes, you can.


Okay friends. You have my full attention. I'll just say that if you think that was weird, you should hear my mental back and forth when I'm trying to talk myself into doing laundry. Talk about running in an endless circle of frustrating procrastination.

Thanksgiving was a feast of family and food... both favorites.

It began with a Mays family tradition of bowling. It was great to see and visit with the Jones side of our family and see their darling kids. 
After working up our appetite, we headed to my sister's house to eat.

What a lovely family, yes? This picture makes me so happy. I'm thankful to belong to this group and have them close to us year round.
That evening, we drove down to Salt Lake to spend the night at Bubba and Nanna Teresa's house. Lucky for us, they were at the Stratton home having pie when we arrived. Accepting the invitation, this is where we met them. The ever lovely Karina was there with her family. What a treat it was to visit with her, Serity and their families.

The decision to stay at Nanna's was a good one! Henry had his first sleepover with Truman, Lottie did well in her pack and play and Andrew and I were able to stay up and play games with Mark, Liz and Mike.
Friday morning, Andrew and I generously offered a glimpse into why we should star in our own reality show as those who were at the house witnessed first hand Andrew's reaction to me purchasing some (needed) clothes for the kids online. Spending money makes him physically unwell. To see someone generally so composed suddenly lose it as his wife hit the button, "submit," was sadly entertaining.

Cooking, shopping, running our mouths and watching the kids play ensued as we prepared for our second Thanksgiving feast, this time with the Flegal crew.

 (Nanna and Bubba's grand kids, sans the Taylor family whom we missed very much.)

 Dinner was wonderful; although... I have to say that at one point the conversation turned a direction that left me suddenly embarrassed beyond belief. I was laughing and crying into Andrew's shoulder as I had said something... that was quickly turned from appropriate into something SHOCKINGLY inappropriate (by a clever jokester). I add this detail as a favor to all those who laughed their heads off at my awkward expense.
I'm guessing that at one point Eliza was seated next to Lottie. How else do you explain the sad scene of Chantal sitting by her lonesome at the blue table?

Speaking of that darling Chantal, we were lucky to have her up to our house Saturday night with the rest of her family. We decided to make the most of having the Greens at our house. After ensuring that they have their fix of Cafe Rio before returning home to New York, we headed into Ogden for the lighting of Christmas Village. Despite having missed the electrical parade, we arrived minutes before Santa switched the lights on and the firework show began. Even though the area was packed with people, the moment was magical. Lottie, who was not a fan of the loud fireworks, would disagree probably. 

We promised Eliza a return to the village to see Santa, preferably on a weekday, since the line to see him was super super long. The other low point came when Eliza was separated from us. Andrew could see her, but she thought she was lost.  It took a painful amount of seconds for him to reach her as there were so many people. It gave her a horrible scare and I hope we never have a repeat incident. Poor girl. 
I am really glad Henry and Truman were able to have that extra time to be together. They get along so well. Their combined antics, however, drive Eliza absolutely crazy. There must be an opposition in everything, I suppose. Even so, they are great buddies and it makes me very thankful.
Speaking of friends, their friendship grows each visit too.
It was a great holiday weekend. This post is now complete and for that, I'm thankful.


rachel garber said...

Boy I am a square. I was all excited to see you had updated and then your blog called it a " dying, nearing extinction, social fad" :) Don't quit, I've been stalking for way too long.

Karina said...

Thanks for the shout out. :) It was so good to see you.
Is blogging really dying? Or is it just my blog? :)