Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twas the Sunday before Christmas

The Sunday prior to Christmas, we gussied up our geese for Church. It marked the first time in Lottie's 2+ years of life that I put her in a dress that matched her sister. When it comes to giant glitter bows and over sized floral headbands, this Mom fails epically in her efforts. Identical outfits likewise falls onto the list of 'try harder' which is why I felt so dearly rewarded to see them walking around in matching clothes. What a silly thing to say, but it's true. I was 'tickled pink'...  

 Lottie says, "It's okay friends. Her jokes make us gag too!" ;)

Note to self:

Photo shoots prior to Church are never a good idea, especially when you have to conduct in Relief Society that morning.

 (18 weeks)

Don't worry Henry. Mom's learned her lesson. You'll have a matchy-matchy buddy in the Spring.
The picture in which Mom's face reads, "This is great, really, but I needed to be at Church two minutes ago!"

Sacrament meeting was filled with music. The kids participated in a musical number first. Eliza obediently stationed herself and Henry in the front, near the center, per her Mom's order request. Then it was my turn to join the sisters in Relief Society to sing, 'Mary's Lullaby.' All the while, Lottie was pleading to have a turn to go up and sing (testimony meeting produces similar results... Lottie faithfully asks to have a turn up at the pulpit). When it was her Dad's turn to go up with the brethren, he generously took Lottie with him. Surrounded by the male choir, her brown eyes grew wide as she took in their rich, masculine sound. Even so, she didn't fret. Instead, she sat through the song patiently, kept eye contact with the older kids and me and offered a few cute waves to us as she "performed."

"You did such a great job, Lottie!" I praised upon her return.

"I know!" She replied happily.

That night we enjoyed a festive gathering with families from our neighborhood. Having bonked his nose while playing with friends, Henry appeared with a serious nosebleed. As Andrew took control of cleaning him up and stopping the blood, I walked through this gorgeous home, searching for blood spills on the carpet. Enter the choir of heavenly angels singing Hallelujah: after a thorough investigation, it was determined that not a single drop had spilled onto their carpet. That was sure lucky.

Our prelude to Christmas day was lovely and we attribute much of that to the spirit of that Sunday.

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Rachel Hoggan said...

Such a cute family! And congrats on the upcoming addition!