Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boxed in

Happy new year, friends!

New year's eve was a party for our family. Spending the evening next door, Andrew and I enjoyed visiting with friends and neighbors while (over) sampling different treats and eats. Meanwhile, the kids busied themselves with toys, games and friends of their own.

Around 9:00, Andrew took the younger two home for bed. Eliza was dead set on making it until midnight and being the 'cool' Mom that I pretend to be, I allowed it. Had my brain been managed by better sense, I would have seen to it that all three of them went to bed earlier; especially Henry who'd developed a cough.

10:30 approached and I swapped places with Andrew so he could have a closer view of the fireworks and set up our stellar gas patio heater for the crazies who went outside to welcome the New Year. Eliza and I were content as can be to watch the fireworks explode from the comfort of my bedroom. My windows provided an ideal view.

The New Year arrived! Our family welcomed it with enthusiasm, cheer and an explosive case of R.S.V.

That's right. The nasty swarm of sickness that we'd been so grateful to have avoided throughout the holiday season finally caught up to our family and man... it has pummeled its way through my poor kids.

Henry's cough led to a GIANT cough which soon bore a four day fever, and an impressive amount of phlegm (among other pleasant side effects). With a bag of popsicles and a healthy supply of fever reducer, we sent Andrew and the girls to Salt Lake on New Year's day to have their helping of Hoppin John; a Southern dish (yearly tradition) that brings luck for the year. They brought us back some, so we should be good, right?! He enjoyed seeing extended family and so did the girls.

Four days of fever, and all things 'bleh,' later, I finally take Henry and Lottie (who has now fully caught what Henry has) to the doctor. I never thought I'd be happy to hear the words, "It's RSV" but our mind had been made up that we had the flu. For the pregnant Mom in the room who has not yet received her flu shot (despite consistent reminders from the medical community), I was in a panic over the possibility of the flu effecting our unborn babe.

Five days later, Lottie still has a fever, cough and every other ugly symptom. She has not digressed, which I'm happy about, but I wish so much we'd wake up to see a big improvement. With Ibprofen in her system, she plays contentedly but there are definite stretches of time when I'm her only source of comfort. She's sleeping well and asks to nap. Eliza fared the best, by far. With only a cough and a total absence of fever and phlegm, it's nice to see that her age has proven to give her an advantage. Thinking about a repeat of this scenario next year, with our newest little Fleglet here, leaves me an anxious mess!!

Other than wanting Lottie to kick this thing quick, my one complaint would be the cabin fever that's likewise spread through our lot. Lucky for the big kids, they're back in school but I feel like I've been walking in the same circle over and over which is why it's always nice when a bolt of creativity strikes one of the kid's brains to help break things up some. 
 Henry's feet and Lottie
 Eliza is 'too cool' for certain things these days
Which makes my heart sad
Climbing into boxes, however, isn't one of those things
The look pretty good considering how miserable they sound
 Eliza took it upon herself to tape up this year's Christmas card collection...
Despite having no where to go
I haven't taken down a single decoration.

Color me exhausted. 

And if anyone has any reassurance to give regarding the length of Lottie's illness and how it just takes time to kick this garbage, I'd love the encouragement. She hasn't digressed since Friday when the doctor saw her and they saw no need for a hospital stay, or anything like that. I guess I've always associated RSV with the hospital, but the virus, they say... is common/prevalent.(?)   


Anonymous said...

I have a child who gets RSV nearly every year (he's 5 now and was a preemie). He's only been hospitalized once from it when he was 18 months old. His usually lasts a couple of weeks before he's 100%. It is NOT fun!

Karina said...

So sorry you had to deal with this!