Saturday, January 12, 2013

Greetings Gandolf

 Winter storm Gandolf, as named by the weather channel, made a dramatic entrance Thursday afternoon. Andrew's 15 minute commute home quickly turned into an hour (plus). His stress was accented by the fear of a fuel gauge marked, "E" for empty. Would he make it to the gas station? Had he not, I wonder how that rescue would have played out. Fortunately, he didn't need one. 

According to reports, in the two days since the storm struck, there have been a total of 404 traffic accidents (yikes!). In place of alarm clocks, we've woken up to the sound of snow blowers and plows. Schools were cancelled on Friday, a decision not easily made following a snow storm (in comparison to South Carolina). A thousand details later, it's sufficient to say that Gandolf delivered in a big way!

The picturesque view outside is easily enjoyed from where we do most of our day to day living. Having no where to be, it's an enjoyable feeling to watch the beautiful scene take shape from a safe and cozy distance. However, to be honest, in the weeks since that nasty illness arrived; I can say that we've had a sufficient amount of quality time spent at home.With Lottie improving more each day, I feel a welcomed sense of relief and gratitude. Even so, I'm still being cautious to keep her here as we don't want to share her germs or pick up something else while her resistance is still low.

The kids have been in and out of the house to attend school.
Cute Henry is excited to go to preschool on 'pajama day'
Man, I love that kid!

Andrew's had work, has had a day of jury duty and is currently trudging through who knows how many feet of snow to hunt today. Lottie and I carpool the kids and some days, I remember to go outside to check the mail.
Andrew at the mailbox following a day where (shocker!) 
I forgot to retrieve the mail.
I've also had a few relief society type errands/meetings to attend, which has provided a quick and happy change of scenery and a visit to the OB to check on our growing baby boy (all is still well, thank goodness). That reminds me, at said OB appointment, Eliza came with me. During the ultrasound a fascinated sister studies the screen before declaring,

"Mom, he looks like a poodle!" Well, okay then! Because I have an ultra-sound each visit, it won't be until my 24 week appointment that we go 'in depth' for more detail etc. He's still a boy, this I can confirm and have to say it was such a treat when my doctor suddenly switched the screen into 4D mode and I got an exciting look at my sweet baby poodle boy's face in greater detail.  

Anyway, there's not a lot of thrilling substance behind today's post but I suppose that reflects the overall month of January thus far. Please don't mistake my 'relaying' of information as complaining. Simply put, things have been 'chill' - ha, get it?

We're all wishing Dad was home to take the big kids sledding since this mean Mom won't allow a recovering Lottie to go drown herself in a pile of snow that is taller than she is. I'm doing the best I can to fill in for the 'fun parent.' Sugar is both delicious and fun which is why we spent time this morning making blueberry muffins

Not from a box, 
recipe source, I'll love this site until I die, here:
Muffins are meant to be enjoyed, right Eliza?!

They've also colored, built forts in the basement and are now's a miracle fun can be found when Daddy's away.
I imagine it won't be long until their asking for another round of snow pant bundling, boot buckling, find that missing glove because 'we want to go back outside' fun.
I'm in good company, there's no question about it, but I'm going to be honest... this Mom could use a little bit of a time out; even if it's just to the drug store to get a flu shot. Long term, I'd like a hobby and a friend because I'm pretty sure that Mom's nap time and 'my pillow' don't qualify as either.


*Jess* said...

I cannot even imagine so much snow!

Liz Green said...

What a perfect day for it to snow. 4 day weekend party! Wish we were there to enjoy it and I can't believe Andrew went hunting in that kind of weather.

Abe and Lisa said...

Oh the snow. It's really been too cold!!!

And I love Mel's kitchen blog too. She has some great yummy recipes. She better not ever stop blogging!!!!

Karina said...

Wow, what beautiful snow...I'm jealous. You're a fun mom. :)