Thursday, January 31, 2013

Laughing our way out of January

Evening sunset 
(taken last night)

Here we are, on the eve of February first, finally able to catch glimpses of blue sky as it peeks through the remaining clouds of gray. It's a welcomed sight. Our winter storms have been massive, majestic and messy this season. Thankful to spend my days at home with the kids, I haven't had to confront the freeways or any other major highway on the days when the weather creates nightmare road conditions. Free of that personal stress born of white knuckle driving, I still have room to worry for my loved ones who brave the roads each day.

Henry's been repeatedly asking, "When is the snow going to finally melt?" Eliza, on the other hand, continues to celebrate each storm. Unaffected, Lottie's primary concern these days is that I find her a 'pretty dress' for dancing.

Yesterday she turned to Eliza to fulfill this request which is why she's been stripped of her long sleeved shirt and pants. At least she put her warm boots back on. Eliza also took pride in adorning Lottie's pigtails with clip-in bows. 
 Do my girls look at all alike?
Henry kind of bridges the two of them together
as he shares Eliza's coloring,
and head and eye shape with Lottie...
 Having just received a big kiss on the cheek from Henry,
Lottie quickly wipes it off her face!
Here's Miss Lottie in another 'pretty dress' 
at Aunt Ami's house

It warms my heart that Eliza will still 'dress up.'
That particular day, the big girls entertained us while playing
"Mays Idol" - our family version of American Idol.
 Eliza sang a song in Chinese.
I also learned that day that Lottie knows most of the words to,
"Call me maybe"
I'm glad I had a ticket.
The show was a hot one. 

This writing space is a favorite place of mine to sing my kids praises as I have hope that they'll return at a later date to remember how their Mother loved them. Having prefaced the upcoming barf fest of praise, I have to note how proud I am of Eliza after another parent teacher conference. She's a smart girl, friends. Having e-mailed her grandparents the details of their praise, I'll just leave it at that. More important than brains is her kindness to classmates and willingness to help around her classroom.

Now then, in the spirit of keeping things real, I would like to add the following (hilarious) story.

Homework isn't the only thing Eliza's brought home from school this year. There are days, and yes the defensive parent in me can tie this behavior to nights when she doesn't receive a full night of sleep... ahem, where was I? Oh yes, there are days when this girl is a bottle of attitude waiting to explode. Her brave manner in which she dispenses said attitude still takes me by surprise.

"Excuse me, what? Where did that come from?"  I will wonder. This isn't a regular thing, mind you, but it happens.

One afternoon, she and I were going at it. We were arguing over a cookie. I explained that she had to eat her veggies before she could have one. Crippled by her continued fear of certain foods, she was angry that I had placed such an obstacle between her and that cookie. She wanted another avenue in which to reach her goal. I was firm and said, "No." (Applause welcomed.)

"For the love! You know your choices. Please drop it." I then warned that if she continued to whine and fight me for a third option, I would be escorting her to timeout.

Determined not to be punished no matter where I placed her, she hotly fired back,

"Oh ya? Well, if you put me on timeout than I'll just READ THE BOOK OF MORMON and do math equations in my head so I won't be bored!!!"

Oh burn!! She was dead serious. There is no way Mom can win the 'bored on timeout' war when math equations are mentally accessible! All the Mom pride in the world couldn't keep me from laughing. I had to leave the room. Fortunately, she dropped the subject so timeout didn't come to fruition. She also gagged down (or up) that vegetable too.

How about a Henry Fleglet funny?

A few nights ago, Henry and Eliza were both wiping down the kitchen table in preparation for dinner. Each of them had a Clorox wipe.

"You know, Henry" Eliza warned, "when you're a grown up, you'll have to do cleaning stuff like this all the time." It seemed as though she was hoping this news would cause him distress. Instead, my easy going little man took it in stride.

"I know, Eliza." He replied. "When I'm big, I'll have to do lots of work... like driving people places, shoveling snow, giving blood to old people... just like Dad did." Andrew recently donated blood and this left a big impression on Henry - not sure why he thinks the elderly are the only recipients...

"I don't really want to do that, but I will anyway." What a guy. 

I mentioned Lottie's love of dresses, how she begs to wear the fanciest of fancy dress ups to the store and the excitement of having her pretty dresses paired with music. She loves to dance. The other day, music from the musical Wicked was playing in the kitchen. As the music dramatically swelled, she paused from coloring so that she could lift both arms high into the air in tandem with the timing of the notes. It was pretty cute.

Also, she is our Houdini. Chasing her a bedtime, I found her climbing onto Henry's bed. In an effort to ditch her Mom at the last second and spare herself from being put to bed, she quickly covered both of her eyes with her hands so that she'd be 'hidden.' It almost bought her a few extra minutes because it was that cute.

23 weeks
Eliza took this last Sunday

And last but not least, baby four (along with his Mom's face) continues to grow. Last Tuesday, Nanna Teresa, Lottie and I went in for my 'big ultrasound.' What a treat it was to spend those twenty minutes watching him dance all over the place... and then watching him 'curl into my placenta' (eww gross? ultrasound tech's words - not mine) and fall asleep. He looks great and we remain grateful for his healthy development thus far. 


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I'm loving the updates!