Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Bunnies

 Admiring his handiwork from the kitchen window, Andrew says,

"You must have a pretty cool Dad because those are some pretty cool snow forts." Joining him at the window, Eliza agrees with a quick nod of her head before adding with a smile,

"And we must have a pretty mean Mom since she won't let us go out and play in those pretty cool snow forts before Church!" I must say, this comment grabbed my attention. It's not often she labels me 'mean'  which is why my overly-sensitive heart was silently relieved that I could detect the 'teasing' in her tone. If you could hear the three identical sounding coughs they all woke up with today and have your personal fill of wiping boogie stained upper lips, I think you would support my scrooge-like decision.    

Returning to that 'mean' Mom comment, I would like future Eliza to know that the fun we had with our cousins yesterday was a result of an observation this 'mean' Mom made.

Henry and Eliza were outside, content as can be, when a neighbor friend of Henry's arrived on our porch. Inviting him to join Henry and Eliza outside, I watched as my quiet prediction came to pass. Henry smiled at the sight of his friend while Eliza's face fell into an image of pure disappointment. Ten seconds later, his friend had convinced Henry to leave our winter play land for his. Eliza was left to her own devices and was soon battling a return of jealous feelings due to the fact that Henry struck the friend lottery when we moved into this neighborhood. 

After running my plan past Andrew, I began texting the cousin crew in search of a friend for Eliza; because that's what 'mean' moms do. ;) The troops, including Nana Marie, answered my call. An afternoon of sledding, igloo building and other snow related pursuits followed. Pizza and Rootbeer floats (yes, in February!) ended a very fun day.
The "very cool" Dad in the original igloo
We have a growing family.
Andrew deemed that an 'addition' to the first was necessary.
Uncle Mark helped.
Regarding those cute boys and Alaska,
we're cool.
(read: I'm in denial.)
Last but not least the sledding hill...
(sleds optional)


Jen said...

Thanks for the fun times. I think you are the "best mom ever!"

BnK said...

Looks like you guys are getting as much snow as we are. It is so fun