Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Princess and the Party Cake

Last week, cousin Sara made a special trip up to our house to deliver a birthday invitation to Lottie. Not understanding why this delivery didn't include an afternoon play date, Lottie wailed in the most heartbreaking of tones when Sara left. I did my best to explain to her that she'd get to play at Sara's on Saturday when she went to her "party cake" - that's Lottie speak for, "birthday party." A distraction or two later, Lottie recovered. Time would also prove that the wait for that special birthday play-date would be worth it.   
Having been an invited to come dressed as a Princess, we selected the one she fits in best at the moment. Princess Aurora was thrilled with the attention and praise she was receiving from the entire family as she twirled her way down the hall. And while they ooh'd and ahh'd over how darling she looked, Eliza and Henry were both envious that this party was for small princesses only.
 No really, that's Andrew. 
It's hard to tell with his new glasses 
and freshly grown crop of lumberjack worthy facial hair. 

After kissing her hairy Prince, "Goodbye," she was off to the 'party cake!'

And while the two of us spend a lot of one on one time together, it was special to have a weekend outing that was centered on her. As I watched her participate at that party, she seemed to age 2 years. She was one of the big kids: following instructions, participating in the games... wow. When did that happen?! I had to steal her spoon and feed her the ice cream myself as reassurance that my baby still needed me. Insecure Mom, what?

She was royally spoiled (or I guess I was) as her older cousins Callie and Mia fussed over her, making sure she had what she needed, knew were to go and had a smile on her face. Aunt Ami sprinkled princess magic into each game and the decorations were so well done. Cousin Sara couldn't have been more fun to watch as she opened her gifts and welcomed the guest of honor; even RAPUNZEL herself.

Don't tell Andrew, but I had my fingers crossed that Flynn Rider was going to show up.  

The one low point came when Lottie realized that gift we brought for Sara wasn't for her. Even after Sara unwrapped it, Lottie tried to claim it as her own. 
"Lottie, that's Sara's present."
"Whatever, Mom."

 Happy birthday Sara! Thank you for inviting Lottie to her first big girl birthday party. We sure love you!

As for the left at home big kids, don't feel bad for them. Andrew had them playing in the back yard minutes after we left. The three of them reconstructed our igloo, which they later informed me had ended up with a stinky smell inside after receiving so much snow combined with a lack of proper ventilation (what the?). They (meaning Andrew) also increased the size of the snow hill in our backyard. A healthy round of sledding ensued. As I was pulling into the driveway with sleeping beauty (no really, Lottie was passed out), Andrew was leaving to take the big kids to a neighbors house to play. They had their fill of fun. Andrew, however, headed into work. We sure love those random project deadlines that keep Dad at work late and in the office on weekends. I'm just grateful the kids had a healthy fill of their Dad that morning.

Sunday we super bowl partied it up at my brother Mark's house. It was a fun night to be together even though it was a crappy reminder that his family is moving to freaking Alaska. Don't worry, I fake support them in person (Right, Jen!). I just want them to know that we love, love, love them and their kids.

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