Monday, February 18, 2013

The Year of the Hot Glue Gun

In addition to Valentine's day, Eliza kept busy at school as she participated in a variety of Chinese New Year activities. From performing Chinese songs and dances in a school assembly, to sending off red balloons (in lieu of the currently banned lantern) and making chicken dumplings, there were plenty of new experiences to keep things interesting.

It's the 'Year of the Snake'... not sure if you knew that or not, but it is. We have a tangible reminder on our art wall courtesy of our first grader.

 And while 2013 still feels 'new' (I'm still dating everything 2012 and probably will be until July), I feel like I need her to make me another sign to sit beside the first that reads,

"The Year of the Hot Glue Gun"

Eight and half years of wedded bliss later, this woman finally purchased a glue gun. I tried to borrow my Mom's first because in my mind, a glue gun cost like $45.00. When our plan to pass off said glue gun failed, I took the kids to a nearby craft store and spent eight whole dollars to get my own. The sticks of glue, I was so appreciative of this, were right next to the glue gun. I can easily picture myself leaving the store without them had they not been sold side by side.

I delayed the valentine project because... honestly... crafts never scream FUN to me; mostly because I make frustratingly dumb mistakes. The Saturday before Valentines day, I finally busted everything out (except the candy - that had been opened days earlier) and 'got my craft on' with a very enthusiastic daughter by my side. 

After spilling a drop of glue on my counter, I dramatically react,

"Oh no! Andrew! I got glue on the counter! Is that okay?" He laughs at me but is considerate enough to add that it's not a big deal. I relax and continue on with the project. 

We had company coming that night. Andrew, who had been delegated the task of straightening the family room, wasn't doing much. I asked if he'd like to trade. 

"If you'd rather help Eliza with the glue, I will finish (read: start) cleaning." His answer was an immediate, 


Thirty seconds after taking his place next to Eliza, I hear her burst out, 

"Mom! Look what Dad's doing!" Andrew had hot glue gunned a spoon to our light fixture. I don't know why this surprised me. We have been married awhile now. I know the guy well, but still. I didn't see that coming. Despite my protests, he proceeded to add spoons to the refrigerator, adorn the light fixtures with tooth picks and his personal favorite, hot glue gun Henry's action figures to the oven and counter top. Oh yes. As I was loading the dishwasher, I reached for a glass that - you guessed it - had been hot glue gunned to the counter. 

The kids were feeding off my frustration so each time a mischief-filled discovery was made, they likewise felt annoyed, or in Henry's case, burst into tears. Andrew, on the other hand, was having a blast.     

 Please note the toothpicks on the light fixture
and the huge smile on Andrew's face.
I resisted taking pictures of the other glued objects 
as I didn't want to 'encourage' the behavior.

Taking back control of the glue gun, I went back to work on the Valentines as Andrew got busy scraping glue off of refrigerators, ovens, etc.The fun with hot glue didn't end there. This past Saturday, we headed to Salt Lake to spend time with Grandparents, Uncle Mike and the Jensens. 

I don't know how the conversation transpired, but while sitting in the basement of Andrew's parents house, I notice that Andrew is busy dissecting an out-of-use computer. He had quite an audience as he disassembled it all. A while later, I'm back upstairs when I smell something familiar.

Hot glue? Sure enough, Andrew had found his Mom's hot glue gun.With a fascinated Henry at his side, I walk over to see that Andrew is 'building' a robot with the computer parts he'd been messing with.
Our robot wants for nothing. Needing 'power,' Andrew added the batteries and even gave him a bum. Henry's pretty excited about taking him for 'show and tell' to preschool this week. 

Sunday morning, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle that accompanies preparing three kids for Church, I entered the kitchen to discover a decent looking mess.
At the helm was Andrew, his trusty side kick Henry and the hot glue gun.

"Dad's building a model of our future chicken coup!" Eliza informed me. It just filled my heart with joy to see our food storage actually being used. Ha!
I'm pretty sure the Lord sent me Andrew to teach me to mellow out and enjoy life's little moments. Having that in mind, I decided not to be annoyed by the mess that I'd have to clean up. I took a moment to enjoy Henry's fascination and snapped a few pictures. In Andrew's defense, he did "clean up"'s just that our definitions of cleaning up are different.. :) I like to come home to a clean kitchen on Sunday - I'm kind of uptight. You couldn't tell, right?! ;)
Per Andrew's request, here's the model of our future chicken coup in all it's pasta-fied glory. If you want to make him feel like a million bucks, ask him specific questions about it. An example includes,

"So if it's raining, where do the chickens go?" or "Hey Andrew, where are you going to put the floral boxes?" He really is a stud. Just don't tell him I said so. Henry, by the way, thinks his Dad hung the moon.
He's sure handsome like his Dad. 
(26 weeks)
Not a typo... even though it looks like I should be '36.'

Watching Andrew and Henry play together, 
I grow excited as I think about baby boy joining the party. :)

In a sweet note Andrew left on the counter for me this morning, he included:
"Thanks for giving me another fishing buddy." 
 As different as they are,
these sisters are sure fans of each other.
 Well... you know. 
As long as Lottie minds her own business and keeps out of Eliza's room. 
Did I mention they're future roommates?!
 Eliza really struggled to keep her eyes open while I snapped these pictures.
Basking in the GLOW of her pregnant Mother proved to be too much. ;) 


rachel garber said...

Fantastic - we think alike. Like I told you before, I had the thought that maybe I should buckle down and buy a glue gun. Then I immediately freaked, "But they are like $45!!" and then calmed down and thought, "No, you've seen them at Hobby Lobby for around $9."

Look at all the fun your $8 + glue provided this weekend. I say it was a success.

Catherine said...

I think in another life, Andrew will come back as a 5 year old, or is he already? hehe What a cool husband to delight the whole family with his hot glue gun creations. That chicken coop is pretty legit, I'd say. I love my glue gun, and used to daily when I taught professional preschool for all those years. It is a must in every mom's cabinet. Welcome to the glue gun club, Ali. PS) The Valentine's are amazing! Way to go.

*Jess* said...

your husband cracks me up! And you look beautiful :)

Emily said...

Oh my word how I can so see Dave doing that!! In your last post when you mentioned you bought a glue gun, my first thought was - DAVE bought ours! ha ha! I think he bought it when the guys were at the U together, possibly before we were married, and it stays in the garage hung on his peg boad ;) Oh to live with a nerd! {Luckily they're organized!}.

You look amazing by the way - you are definitely an all belly lady - it's perfectly round and we're so thrilled for you guys!

Kelly and Joe said...

Your art wall is perfect!