Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine Highlights 2013

 "Will you be my Valentine?"

For the lovers in the house, Valentine's day came early. Imagine, if you will, an arena packed with screaming sports fans as well as distant (cold) parking lots that require cash and a lot of brisk waddling just to get to the less than intimate setting that is Energy Solutions Arena. A couple, clasping each others hands in support, traverse into that foreign place. Together they soak in the unique energy that is born of a sporting event; even a Utah Jazz game. 

That friends, is how Andrew and I spent our 11th Valentine's day together; except it was technically the 12th of February. I'm pretty sure on the night of the 14th, we cuddled up with the kids and watched an episode of NOVA together. Sadly, I'm not kidding. The night of the 12th involved being alone in the car and paying a babysitter at the end of it, so we happily labeled it "Valentine's day" and sealed the deal with a kiss. 

On the spectrum that reads, 'Sports Fan,' I'm sure that Andrew's face would be featured at the end that reads, "Not interested, thanks." At the family super bowl party, he was the one flipping through a rifle magazine on the couch. And while he played sports growing up, it isn't an interest that stuck with him... not even a little bit. However, when someone hands you two free jazz tickets and you know your wife wants an excuse to go just about anywhere... you gratefully accept (last year, to my dismay, he graciously declined Jazz game tickets). 

Despite our general lack of interest in the sporting world, we had a blast. From start to finish, I felt entertained. We had great seats, the Jazz totally scored more touchdowns than the opposing team and my date bought me ice cream. It was nice to be together without the kids and I recommend to our future selves that we date more often.

Returning to Mommy land, Valentines Day with the kids was sweet. Inspired by Pinterest, we were successful in our attempt to create some cool Valentines. This required purchasing my FIRST EVER glue gun... but more on that later. Trust me, that glue gun deserves a post of its own (how exciting is my life?). Best of all, babysitting swaps with friends enabled me to help with both Eliza and Henry's parties at school. Things like that provide the sap infused Mom moments that I live for. How fitting for the day of love, yes?

Eliza generously offers to assist Henry
 as he navigates his way through his haul of sugary treats!
 Lottie's perfected the art of the mooch. 
Not having a party of her own to attend, 
she scored plenty of her own treats!
Eliza went the robot route.
Nothing says, "I love you" better than 
a jazz game
a bug or 
a robot. 
 That's the idea we sold this year, anyway!

You want to talk true love? 
Let's talk about Nutella. 
The stuff is expensive,
which is why it tasting it was a "new" experience for my kids.
(even though it wasn't)

They are huge fans of it now.
Smother that on a pancake that's been dyed pink and shaped like a heart, 
add a swirl (or two) of whipped cream 
and you've instantly earned the title of Mom of the year. 
I'm sure grateful for the love (and jar of Nutella) we have in our house. We had a happy Valentine's day. 


rachel garber said...

How funny --- I was JUST thinking this morning on the way to church, "Man, I need to probably buy a glue gun. I'm sure my mother in law would call me a mooch if I borrowed ONE. MORE. THING. from her that is something I should most likely own at this point in my life" :) I'm eagerly awaiting that blog post :)

Karina said...

lottie is SO cute.
devin and i had a nice laugh together reading your account of your date.

Karen said...

Kevin's not a big sports guy, either. I think Andrew and Kevin have a lot of similarities as I read about your family adventures. Glad you got to do a date.