Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy birthday! You get a roommate!

Dear Henry,

Less than five minutes after your birthday party ended, Daddy went to work assembling your new-to-you bunk bed! This bunk bed once belonged to your Uncle Mike and Uncle Matt. In fact, they left you a token to remember them by in the form of a 17 year old, give or take a year, piece of chewed gum that had once been 'saved for later' or lazily stashed on a side rail. In its nearly petrified state, that gum may be up for grabs...let me just check with them first. ;)

With your Mom needing to soothe the planner within, I knew we were fast approaching the time when Miss Lottie would be making the switch from her crib to a 'big girl' bed. Not only did we need to free up her former place of refuge, but we also needed to, how do I put this delicately, boot her from her bedroom entirely.


Seriously though, I've been shedding crazy lady tears in the days leading up to this change because it's an obvious milestone. As if you needed reminding, this Mom prefers the under the radar, quiet life changes over the LOUD! IN YOUR FACE! kind.

The timing was similar to when you graduated from the crib. In reviewing that memory, I was relieved to see that I was a crazy lady back then too.

The trouble wasn't the timing. It was knowing which sibling to put her with. For months, the plan was to put her with Eliza. I would sit in Eliza's room and visualize the space with a toddler bed and then change it up in my brain and imagine a bunk bed. Turns out, we learned this weekend, that Eliza is terrified of being on the top of a bunk bed. She has a panic attack when its time to climb down the ladder. Let's just say, I'm glad we dodged that bullet! And though Eliza seemed alright with the prospect of a roommate, weekly spats over the need to protect her bedroom belongings irked my inner resolve that they'd be the ones to share. Also, with a generous cousin handing down massive loads of clothing to her, her full to the brim closet let me know that it was not open to the idea of another female occupant.

My mind, sweet Henry, kept thinking of you and the tender friendship you share with Lottie. When approached with the possibility, you gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.You championed the idea, especially when you learned a bunk bed would be involved. Having a fraction of the clothes that your sisters do, closet space wouldn't be an issue either. I hate to say it but your laid back, go with the flow, personality that I love so much ...did you in.
After the first two nights with Lottie as a roommate, I owe you my thanks! As Lottie adjusts, you've showed patience when I expected frustration. You cater to her requests to find Mommy, sing her songs as you lay in the dark and reassure her that there are no monsters. You chivalrously explained to your friends that you'd be sleeping on the top bunk so that Lottie wouldn't fall off. When Lottie debated last night between returning to her crib and her new big girl bed, in a voice so tender you asked her to please stay with you. What a blessing you are to her and our family, Henry. She's well into her third nap in her new big girl bed and appears to have zero memory of falling out of her bed last night so I'd say the transition has proven to be a success thus far.

Sometimes I feel like you've given me the opportunity to 'raise' your Daddy. You two are so much alike in demeanor. You share both facial feature and interests. Something I admire about you both is your ability to stop and smell the roses. You live in the moment. At times, this trait frustrates me as you are easily distracted.

There is a character, a dog to be precise, from the movie Up. His names is Dug. Dug is cheery and upbeat... a real joy to be around. He wants to be a helper but sometimes, just before doing something important...


A squirrel, a fun distraction, pops up and your focus shifts entirely to that new special something. Meanwhile, Mom or Dad are repeating for the 20th time to please brush your teeth.

"Sure, Mom!" you chirp... until, "Oh hey man... Look at my cool dinosaur. Hey did you know that dinosaur's who eat meat are carnivores?"

You get the idea. You're observant, a fixer and a great little student. You are brave and have an adventurous spirit. Not one to throw a violent tantrum or hurt another, your frustrating moments usually are more of a 'meltdown' of whines and tears and less of an explosion of anger. As you've grown, these instances have lessened... another sign that you're so big. 

 A few days ago, you approach me on the couch. Because yes, that's where I usually am these days. :)

"Hey Mom!" you whisper. "Do you want to see something so cool?" I can't help but smile. You don't wait for an answer.

"Yesterday, I found in Eliza's old fish tank stuff a dead fish!" I am surprised, grossed out and despite wanting to end this conversation immediately, knew it was my motherly duty to hear you out. You continue.

"The fish was all dried up and I took it to my room," here's where it gets even more unpleasant. "and I crumbled it in my fingers until I could find the bones! I found the skeleton Mom! And it was SO teeny tiny! Do you want to come see it?"

I did not have the heart to tell you what I was really thinking or how disturbed this story had made me feel! I could only laugh. Your face looked so cute as you talked about that darling skeleton. Lottie was napping so our date to visit the dead fish, I didn't even want to know where it was, had to be postponed. That night I put your Dad on the job of disposing of it; which he didn't. Daddy thought it was cool and had no problem with you keeping it on your nightstand. Ugh. Like I said, two peas in a pod.

Returning to you, Henry:

You are a good friend and an even better brother. I look forward to the friendship you will develop with your new brother. You talk about and pray for him more than anyone else in the family. 

I think you're so handsome. Your big blue (that sometimes cross) eyes still stun me. Your laugh, combined with your sisters, is the best sound in the world.
You are a happy boy and I feel very thankful that Heavenly Father sent you to our family. I hope we provide you with the childhood you need to have a happy, healthy and successful life. You are the best and I feel that's what you deserve.

You have my heart. No seriously, you do.

I love you!


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*Jess* said...

I shared a room (bunk beds, too!) with my brother Jason and it worked out great! And Jocelyn and Jayce share a room right now, too :) Jaina was NOT having Jocelyn in her room at all!