Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break 2013

"Hey Henry! Are you ready for a week of Spring Break fun?" 
 "Absolutely, Mom! I got dressed, just like you asked. I am ready to go!" 

Coming from the same child who occasionally hops into the shower with his underwear still on because he forgot to take them off, I wasn't totally surprised to see him "dressed" and ready to go with his pajama shirt still on. As he headed toward the car, oblivious to it all, I couldn't help but laugh.

32 weeks into this pregnancy, my days of total independence with the kids will soon be suspended. The week's agenda didn't spell out anything fancy, but I was determined that we'd have fun; dentist appointments and all.

The happiest development of the week was the beautiful warm weather. However, it didn't fully warm up until Wednesday. With a chill in the air on Monday we thought through our options carefully. It was decided that we'd explore our local mall for the first time ever. We've lived here almost two years and I'd never walked into the mall that's 10 minutes away from our house. 

We found the kids play area empty. I assumed they'd be bored within 10 minutes. I was happily proved wrong. Over an hour later, after Mom said it was time to eat, we left the play area.  It was a warm, easy, FREE activity (for Andrew's benefit, I thought it best to capitalize the word, 'free'). And the kids loved it.

*An Eliza Funny*

 We dined at the food court for lunch. Having settled near the restaurant, Chinese Gourmet, we were privy to the conversations the happy Asian server was having with her customers. From what I could observe, she was incredibly friendly. I could hear her explain to her current batch of customers how difficult it had been for her to learn English when she'd first come to America. Eliza and I could both detect her accent. After some prompting and encouragement from Mom, Eliza worked up the courage to go speak Chinese with her.

As Eliza begins the conversation, I notice the woman glance up at me. She looked sorry.

"Your daughter speaks Chinese?" She hollers. Nodding my head, I wait as she replies,

"Well I don't!" Thankfully, she was charmed by Eliza's bravery in initiating the conversation and kept asking her to say more in Chinese and commended her on her accent. By the time Eliza returned, I could tell that she was incredibly embarrassed.

"Why did you make me do that, Mom!?"

Returning to our Spring Break recap, Tuesday we went to the dentist again... YAY! FUN! SUPER AWESOME!

And while I'm pleased to report that Henry didn't break into song like last time, Lottie still managed to create an uncomfortable moment for her Mother.

Lately, when we're in public and a grown man makes eye contact with Lottie, she will point directly at him and LOUDLY inform me,

"Mom! That boy is looking at me!" It's like she wants me to do something about it. Last night at the store, we saw an older gentleman with a white beard and this time she points and shouts (with her pinky, because right now that's her pointer finger),

"Mom! Look, it's Santa Claus!"
Following the dentist, the girls put on dresses and danced together. It made my heart smile to see these sisters do that. I feel like Eliza's days are numbered before she grows out of dress ups entirely so I totally support this type of thing.

Wednesday, we drove to Salt Lake with some friends to spend the day at the Church History museum and City Creek mall. The weather was so lovely.

 The kids and I had a ball. That night, thanks to a group of young women who are earning money for girls camp, Andrew and I were able to go on a date with a fun couple from our ward. I was in the best mood that night. It made me realize how much I'd been in need of a social fix with my husband, sans kids.

Friday morning my Mom drove up to come play at the dinosaur park with us. The kids and I were so excited when she arrived. As much as we visit on the phone, it's that much better when she's sitting next to me in the car. Not to mention, having a helper to watch kids while you run in to use a bathroom is a real luxury these days. I'd like to think that we'll never take having Grandparent's nearby for granted after being away. Those feelings of saying 'goodbye' following a visit are still easily accessible. Anywho, thanks Mom for spending the morning with us!

It was our first visit of the year to the Dinosaur Park. Henry informed me when we came home that its one of his favorite places to be. Eliza had more of a 'been there, done that' attitude as she's been a lot with me and with her school. Lottie's reaction to our outings this week have been a lot of fun. She doesn't have a memory of being to these places before. Experiencing something 'for the first time' with your kids is a definite perk of the job.
I anticipated that Lottie would spend most of the morning on foot. That didn't stop me from bringing the stroller into the park with us. As I pushed the empty stroller around that morning, my excitement that there would soon be a special someone to occupy it swelled.
I love these kids of ours so much. It was a sweet taste of what's to come this summer. As I type this, I'm now realizing that when we're once again freed of school schedules and alarm clocks, our baby will be here. My due date, May 25, is the day after school ends. That's a weird thought!

We are in the final stretch: Easter, Kindergarten round-up for Henry (Ah! How did that happen!), a final getaway with our family of five, a birthday for Eliza and then baby! He'll be here soon!

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