Monday, April 1, 2013

Chickee-Babies, Egg Hunts and a Whoopie Cushion

*Peep peep*

An eager for Easter six year old found her way into our bed early Sunday morning. She brought with her feelings of excitement that quickly smothered her parent's want for sleep as they'd been subjected to rumors of an egg-specially fun Easter delivery. *peep peep peep*

It wasn't long until her counter-parts arrived at our door. However, unlike their sister, they'd forgotten that it was Easter morning. She shouted for joy when they appeared while Henry took sight of the large lumpy bodies in our bed and cried out,

"FAMILY SNUGGLE CUDDLE!"  In hopped Lottie and Henry. Eliza, who had jumped out of bed, was dancing around.

"Can we go downstairs, Mom?" Henry clued into what was going on which led to aborting the family snuggle cuddle. After meeting a few pregnant lady needs first, we were off.

I don't think the kids noticed that their Dad disappeared for a few minutes. Happily distracted with their baskets, they went to work giving themselves tummy aches.
In record time, Lottie had her big chocolate bunny unwrapped. It made me laugh and her cry as I quickly substituted it for something smaller.

"After breakfast, okay Lottie?!"

And then, Eliza noticed this:
 followed by this trail...
With her curiosity peaked, I told her to find a jacket. Meanwhile Daddy had reappeared. Following the eggs, we were led all the way to the front porch. *PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP*
 They went wild with the discovery of baby chicks.
Their morning was spent studying their new pets, giving them names, commentating on their every move and being reminded over and over not to pick them up.

If you'd like to know who the Mother Hen of the group is, I'll tell you. Her name is Andrew Flegal. He dotes over those babies. This works out well because as awesome as adding more responsibility to a woman who is great with child sounds, it's his project. Speaking of projects, Andrew has been hard at work building our chicks a coop. I have failed at documenting his progress, but hope to do better this week. He is out late in the dark night working on it just about every night.

Breakfast with our new bunnies followed. 
 While on the topic of Easter eats, I tackled my first Easter ham last Sunday. The best part was I planned ahead and had a recipe on hand to use up the left overs. That's a win in the "Ali learns to cook" book.
 Henry and Lottie show how big their muscles are because eating Mom's food makes us strong. Or something like that.

I had to sneak away early for Church as I had the 'great opportunity' (as it was phrased to me) to teach the combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting on Sunday. This left Andrew with the job of taking some shots of the kids before Church.

"Can we just take them after Church?" Am I the only Mom out there who thinks that's never a good plan? We either forget, someone is in a bad mood or there are chocolate egg stains all over their clothes. 
 He sure left his thumb print on his work that morning! :)

That afternoon we went to my Mom's for dinner (so good) and played some Easter games. With their cousins close at hand, the kids raced through her yard collecting eggs. Next, Nana Marie introduced them to a fun 'Roll the Egg ' game. Despite coming in last-ish, they still had smiles on their faces. And finally, they went to the front yard where they found a sparkling egg that corresponded with a mystery prize that she'd prepared for them.
 And as fate would have it... Henry's number assigned him to a most special prize.

It was a whoopie cushion. The joy and laughter this new experience brought to my child was quite possibly the best moment of my day.
What a guy.

And while we enjoy playing up the Easter bunny and fun traditions that go along with it, we made an effort to teach and remind the kids about the real meaning of Easter. Saturday morning, Eliza's art demonstrated that she's been paying attention.

I was so touched by this that we found a frame for it and placed it on our mantel. It also was the perfect 'display' for my lesson on Sunday. Saturday, at bedtime, the kids watched a video via of the events leading up to the resurrection. Our sweet girl began to sob and continued to cry over the cruelty that Jesus suffered well past bedtime. And while I felt very sorry for causing her tears, it led to an important conversation that I know this Mom will always remember.


*Jess* said...

that is a beautiful drawing of Christ :) I'm glad you framed it!

Liz Green said...

I'm sure Andrew will do an amazing job on the chicken coup. So knowing Andrew and how much he loves pets, what animal(s) will be next?

Sounds like you guys had a fun Easter. I love Eliza's art work.