Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deflating Spirit Week

From crazy socks to crazy hair....there is an unmistakable feel of crazy in the air.

With a to-do list sufficient with items to keep me occupied, I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief knowing that it was completely void of doctor/dentist/ob appointments. As awesome as it feels to bust out a co-pay every other day, I welcomed the reprieve.

Eliza's week involved a book fair, a fundraiser, a really cold soccer practice and SpIRiT WeEK!!!

Go School GO!!
The night before Hat Day (Monday) our area was pummeled by another wind storm. Andrew rescued me from the hardship of trying to sleep that night with ear plugs. The kids, thankfully, slept through all the hustle and bustle. With the cold of that storm lingering, Eliza met up with her soccer team for practice on Tuesday night. It was freezing, but she was encased in a solid mass of layered clothing; complete with gloves. She had a great night at soccer despite the chill in the air.
 Wednesday morning, pajama day for those who care, she began to complain of feeling sick. Knowing she'd been playing out in the cold the night before, I can't say I was completely surprised... but then when she began to identify symptoms familiar of strep throat, I had to fight the urge to go run my head through a wall.

Up until February of this year, Eliza has never had strep throat. February was her first spell with strep. Parents everywhere, I've learned, abdominal pain and aching legs are two symptoms that may arise first. That threw me off when she first came down with the illness. The sore throat and fever, in her case, showed up later. For Eliza, the major 'tell' is the thick, mucus filled, sound of her voice.  

Three weeks ago, she was hit with strep again. I was proud that I didn't waste anytime taking her into be tested, but totally discouraged when my instinct was proven correct. Once more, I threw away toothbrushes, washed her bedding, coats/jackets, stuffed animals... etc. She showers regularly, I sanitize surfaces, etc. The remaining four family members have remained well each time. What is the deal?

So you can imagine my shame, frustration and concern when I called Wednesday to take her in to be tested again. You know, at the rate we're going, a week without a visit to the doctor would simply be incomplete. :)

After her exam, the doctor said that we'd have to wait a day for the results. The rapid test, he explained, could give a false positive since she had it recently. Go ahead and send her to school, he told me.

"Her throat is pink, not red. I think she's okay."

Knowing that her doctor's son is IN HER SAME CLASS at school, I began to breathe easy. Eliza fought me on going to school but I trusted in her physician's advice... off to school she went.

Without asking for Tylenol or any other pain relief, I watched her play Wednesday afternoon per usual. I still noticed her symptoms but deemed them as being 'cold-like' ... not to mention, she hasn't fevered. Long story short, this morning the nurse called to report that.... YOU GUESSED IT! She has strep! Again! Awesome!

"Hi. Remember me school secretary lady?"

"Oh great. You do. I'm that Mom who checked her child in late yesterday. I actually am here to collect her. She has strep throat. And yes, I'm sorry I allowed her to come to school knowing it was a possibility."

"Have a nice weekend." 

Before Eliza finishes this round of medication, we will all be tested to see if any of us are 'strep carriers.' Her classmates, her teachers told me, have not had strep. It's a mystery and because I hate feeling like a continued failure, I am going to try and solve it. She is back on her 'pink medicine.' I just wish he'd prescribed something for me as well. Chocolate just isn't cutting it.

I'm really feeling the effects of the third trimester. I find myself inventing new bad words in my head each time life requires me to pick something up or I have to get my huge self off of the floor. Sleeping is hard which makes productivity (and clear mindedness) harder to come by the following day. And while I'm grateful for my pregnancy, I sometimes wish I could take a ten minute vacation and zip out of my 'fat suit' - except it isn't a suit at all... it's all me, sadly... for a quick little break!

Feeling like a downer, I will end with the positive news that Lottie went # 2 on the potty this week. Huzzah!
And in honor of my dear daughter, who is citizen of the month by the way (so so proud), here's another fun(ny) dancing video I'd like to share. This is how we settle down the children at bedtime. ;)

P.S. I love Henry's laugh.

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Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

Have you identified a smell? I could always tell if Sara had strep by a very distinguishable smell in her throat. So sorry Eliza is having a run on Strep, I hope you can identify a carrier. Then what? Love the pictures and updates. Seems like forever since we've seen you.