Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goblin Valley, day 3

Sometimes life interferes with my plans to polish off a travelogue. When things slow down and I realize that the tail end is still missing to that particular weekend's story, I feel bothered. Better late than never, I hope.

Our final adventure was a stop to the incredibly remote location of Goblin Valley. One minute you're driving in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the view of complete nothingness when suddenly BAM!!!

You stumble upon this amazing scene of crazy!

Embracing the morning chill, we stepped out to begin our self guided exploration. The kids wasted no time in acquainting themselves with the goblins.

 Their imaginations proved superior to the grown-ups that accompanied them as they articulated what the formations looked like from their charming child-like perspectives. I will say, however, that I was the first one to point out the 'condition' of this particular (albeit, headless) goblin.
(36 weeks pregnant)

How I wish I could have scaled the back of that formation and put my head between the rocks as it would be a fair representation of how I currently feel.

I was able to manage to squeeze into this window with Andrew. In the moment, you think that sticking your head in the window of a rock like that is "cute." But the truth is, we kind of look silly... for lack of a better word.
When posing with the kids, you can rely on them to supply the cute factor. Asking them to pose for another picture isn't always well received. However, when you throw cousins and Nana Marie into the mix, they are usually quicker to comply.
The kids climbed the rocks, took turns scaring each other and snacked on crackers while sitting on the rocks; among other rock related activities. The real thrill of the morning, in my opinion, was when Andrew chased down a lizard.

 And introduced him to the kids.
 It was love at first sight for Henry. He wants a lizard of his own. Man, was he happy holding that lizard.
 Lottie said it best as she trotted along her Dad's side that morning.

"I'm so happy here!" And as happy as the hours spent in Southern Utah were, it was time for us to hit the road and return home.

It was a great way to end our little get-away. The drive home, I suppose, is an adventure itself; especially if it includes Lottie finding a rogue piece of ice on the floor of a fast food restaurant and casually popping it into her mouth before all of the eyewitnesses can scream,

"No! Don't!!!!!"

But those kind of adventures are scary and best kept to yourself! I expect that my next 'vacation' will be at the maternity ward of a hospital, so until that excitement hits, I return the blog to our days of normalcy at home.


Katie Jensen said...

i freakin love goblin valley. let's go together when life slows down a bit

Anonymous said...

Lizards are easy and fantastic pets to have. We have had several in our house full of boys.

Anonymous said...

Lizards are easy and fantastic pets to have. We have had several in our house full of boys.