Thursday, April 18, 2013

Got Sand? Arches, day 2

 This is what having fun for 
FREE-EEEEEEEE (!!!!!!!!!)
looks like.

Just outside the entrance to Arches is a monster sized sand hill. While my family braved the crazy winds a top of Delicate Arch, we parked it in front of the sand hill for a fun morning of sand centered play. But first, we had to make bathroom stop # 57 for the pregnant lady at the visitor's center.
As we pulled into the park that morning, I noticed Henry staring out his window intently. Transfixed by the sight of the giant formations of rock that greet visitors old and new, I heard him quietly exclaim,

"I love this place."

Positive feedback, that is unexpectedly provided, is the cream in my cocoa. It's that sugary surge of inner-satisfaction that only my children can reward me with. Henry's comment set that tone to my morning. Bless him.
Let it be noted, children also have the same power to damage, deflate and discourage the happiness level of parents. This comes in the form of poor attitudes, bad-owies and meltdowns born of exhaustion. I'm choosing not to dwell on those instances but would be lying if I said that those moments never cropped up.

 Eliza was the first to scale the massive hill. It was a feat that she'd perform many times that day. Henry, along with his trusty dump truck, went to work doing whatever it is the pair of them do. Lottie demonstrated both determination and physical endurance as she also trekked it to the top of the hill. Nervous to stand, she opted to scoot her bum the e.n.t.i.r.e. way down the hill. Her little bum scooting marks make me laugh.

Sorry to disappoint you with the absence of a photo of me sitting in my camping chair in all my lazy pregnant lady glory. That's where I spent my time... enjoying the view of my family, passing out fruit roll-ups, encouraging drinks of water and taking pictures when I felt so inspired.

It's a hard life. :)  
Hours passed. It was time to meet back up with the hikers for lunch. The wind was intense and the crowd of visitors was thick. Hearing of our successful morning at the hill, we returned there for a second helping with our cousins in tow.

Later that day, we hiked Park Avenue. And while the trail is totally kid friendly... my body yelled at me in protest as it reminded me how near I am to delivering a baby. The braxton hicks were some of the strongest I've experienced to date. Despite those reminders, that hike was one of my favorite hours spent at Arches.
The day prior we hiked Landscape Arch. I didn't have too much trouble there even though the inclines and changes in elevation were more pronounced. It was just fun, you know? Walking with family, enjoying the scenery and appreciating the cooperation of the weather.

Landscape Arch

Eliza chose to walk with cousins while her slow Mom and thoughtful Dad were the caboose of the family train. Lottie spent a little time in the back pack carrier, but when she had her way, she was hiking on her own two, size 5 shoe, feet.

Our evenings were spent swimming at the pool of the hotel. Oh? You thought I was camping? As important as a descent bed is to a pregnant woman, I have to add that being at a close distance to a bathroom is equally essential.

So yes, the swimming pool was another happy place for the kids. They had a great time. Different conversations have brought out different answers to the question, "What was your favorite thing about your trip?" Quite often, the kids have said that the time at the pool was their favorite.

Bedtime, which includes trying to stifle the children's giggles, was my favorite. Look what it gave me.
The thought that maybe, they went to sleep holding hands.


Betty said...

Andrew is so freaking cool

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What an incredibly fun trip for your family. Looks delightful.

Andrew Flegal said...

Love your profile pic Boop.

Andrew Flegal said...

Thank you for documenting our life. Love you.

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CUTE pic of H & L at the end!