Sunday, April 7, 2013


Someone at our house is in nesting mode.

 And it's not me.

In regards to our new fluffy friends, you'll be pleased to know that Andrew's taking the role of Mother Hen quite seriously. He's been busy constructing a home for our little Easter chicks. Well after the sun has set, Andrew is outside working. The light of his head lamp is all that is there to keep him company. Meanwhile, his 'put a fork in me, I AM DONE' for the day, pregnant wife has collapsed somewhere into an exhausted heap. And while I feel the void of my best friend in the evening, I support his efforts as I to have succumbed to the sweetness of their soft "peep peeps." I want them to be safe and secure in their new living space well before our baby arrives. In return, I have faith that he'll channel all that Mother Hen-like energy to the tasks associated with taking care of a newborn baby, you know... of the human variety.

 The good news is, when the sun is out and the kids are awake, he is mindful to include them.

Watching them trail by his side, I feel thankful all over again for the experiences and quite lessons he's teaching them. There are just somethings a Dad can 'say' that a Mother can't. 
They're pretty crazy about him. As for me, I struck husband lottery gold. There's just no denying it. I'm one lucky 'chick' (ba-dum-CHING!). It's comforting to know that pregnancy hasn't numbed my ability to make a really horrible pun.

As it was stated in general conference today, 'little things lead to big things..." Thinking back on Andrew's hot glue gun/spaghetti noodle chicken coop masterpiece, it's been impressive to see him bring that vision to life. Also, for the sake of making him feel even more awesome; the materials he's used up to this point have all been FREE (... it's still his favorite word, you know).
With Farmer Andrew occupied with the coop, my week was filled with less exciting ventures. You'll never guess where we went AGAIN on Wednesday. What's that?  Did someone say just say,
' the dentist?' Thank goodness for stellar dental insurance. And no, contrary to public opinion, I do not brush my kid's teeth which chocolate syrup.

Tuesday, Henry and Lottie had their well child check ups. Monday night I went to bed with an anxious heart and teary eyes as I worried about the shots Henry would receive the following morning. I'm happy to say that from start to finish, Henry was nothing but brave. He knew the vaccines were coming, but remained a complete stud muffin through the entire appointment.

His doctor was impressed with how well Henry knows his letters, their sounds and shapes. He had Henry blend small words together. He's well on his way to reading. The real moment of parental pride came when the doctor said,

"Henry, what do you want to be when you grow up?" He paused a moment to carefully think through his options. Finally, in his sweet yet serious five year old way he replied,

"A farmer." Andrew was so pleased when I relayed that conversation to him.

Sweet Lottie... oh sweet Lottie...

Despite her brother's tame and brave responses at the doctor, she was a dramatic mess of fear and emotion. She didn't even need a shot. When it came time for her simple physical exam, she short circuited. That's Motherhood, right? You leave for the doctor mentally preparing yourself that one child is going to really need to rely on you that morning while the other will have the strength and calm, but it turns out your 'prediction' was backwards. If I ever claim maternal instinct, you have my permission to doubt me!

As for their stats, it's been a long while since I've posted an update of that nature:

Henry age 5
41-1/4 inches (50 %)
36 lbs (45%)

Lottie age 2.5 years
34-1/8 inches (20 %)
25 lbs, 2 oz (15%)

Thursday it was my turn to go to the doctor. At 33 weeks, I now visit the O.B. every two weeks. Each visit continues to include an ultrasound which I think is a great gift for any expectant Mother who is trying to stay upbeat and positive as the physical discomfort and challenges to daily living increase. Seeing my baby's sweet face motivates me to be better. Also, I feel thankful that my doctor stays late one night a week to meet with patients. Andrew can be home with the kids when I go. Our baby, he estimates, is five pounds and appears to be doing really well. :) 

For the kids, the chicks continue to be the center of attention when we're outside playing. Feeling brave, Mother Hen Andrew let them out of their box to explore on Friday. On Saturday, the kids were given the green light to carefully pick them up. 

Henry's favorite game with the chicks involves scavenging for worms on their behalf. When met with success, he brings the worm to the chicks, breaks it up into pieces (eww, boys are gross) and watches as the chicks fight for their fair share and/or chase the victor in crazed circles in hopes to steal the worm away. It's actually quite fun to watch.

We've also enjoyed introducing them to our neighbors and cousins. Tonight Nana Marie, Aunt Ami and her girls came up to see them. With Andrew at Priesthood, we were lucky to have them here for a visit.
And because I forgot to include this in our Easter post, the kids did dye eggs this year.
Embracing holidays everywhere, I have to laugh as I realize we pulled out the Valentine's table cloth to protect the table, used the Christmas mugs for the dye and wore bright green, lucky feeling, smocks!


jamie t. said...

I haven't quite talked myself into chicken. Their place looks awesome though.

Betty said...

I love those new glasses on andrew. He looks so handsome