Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This old man needs a birthday nap!

This handsome guy entered his thirties completely sleep deprived. In the days leading up to his big day, he was up against a deadline at work. Friday morning, he rolled in around 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning, his 30th birthday, he set a personal record as it was well past 3:00 a.m. when he finally crawled into bed.

Four, painfully short, hours later he was out of bed with the intention of setting up chairs at the church in preparation for Stake Conference.

"What a guy!" is right! Giving him an early present, I deactivated his alarm and excused him via text message  to the elders quorum president. It's a shame that I forgot to deactivate his own children as they bounced in our room shortly after seven asking about soccer games and cinnamon rolls.

He was awake, despite my best efforts, but at least he was ours to spoil. The kids and I had missed him. We sang our first round of 'Happy Birthday' over a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls. Before you feel impressed, they were Pillsbury... even so, they were delicious.

His birthday brought a lot of rain which made Henry and Eliza's Saturday soccer games awesome AND cold; real cold. With their games being held at the same time, I wasn't there to watch Eliza score her first goal ever. Happy birthday to YOU, Andrew!

Next up, we went to the Ogden Nature Center in honor of Eliza (more on that later). My parents met us there. Sadly, due to the rain, we chose not to linger. Returning home, Andrew expressed excitement over the enchiladas that he'd missed out on the night before.

"Those look great. I'm starving." He said. Hungry myself, I understood his sentiment. And then he continued,

"I just realized that I didn't have breakfast today!"

"You mean, you don't remember the four cinnamon rolls you ate this morning?" It's true. His metabolism rolled right on with him into his thirties (can't really say the same for his memory!). Did I mention he was tired?

Laughing and apologizing at the same time, we had lunch and sent him straight to bed for a birthday nap. Feeling refreshed, (laugh out loud), we made our way to Bubba and Nanna Teresa's for a delicious birthday dinner. Aunt Katie went all out on making him a killer 'tire' cake in honor of the spare one he'll never have. ;)
Uncle Mike was also there, all the way from Atlanta, to join in the evening's festivities. 
He opened his gifts next, all of which he loved. The most meaningful was a belt buckle that had once belonged to Andrew's Grandpa Flegal. Coming in second was a hand held device that makes farting noises. Thank you Liz, he LOVES it. The matching bow ties that he received to wear on Sunday with Henry was also well received. Thank you for your kindness Bubba and Nanna.
The October birthday twins share a love. 
And last but not least, Katie invited the gift that kept on giving in the form of one of Andrew's best childhood buddies. Meet Joey (and Franklin)!
I thought I "knew" Joey from my own junior high and high school experiences as we spent those years in the same grade at the same schools.. However, I can say with more confidence that I know him much better as I've now seen him through the eyes of Andrew and in listening to them share memories. Their friendship is one that picks up where it left off. As well as they know each other, there are still revelations made as they exchange a "Remember when" type memory with each other. Shock filled faces, gasps for air and laughter usually follows whatever confession follows that particular opening.

Joey's darling wife Lynsie, Franklin and baby girl Ruthie only add to the draw that we have for us to see their family more often. As I observed Henry and Franklin play, I felt this pull for the pair of them to have a repeat childhood experience. I suppose I ought to craft that sentence with more caution. Knowing the mischief the pair of them created, I wouldn't wish for the same experiences for the second generation, per say. But to have the chance to grow up with a friend like that, is what I'd hope for each one of my children.

"How can we land these kids of ours in the same neighborhood?" It was a question that perplexed me most of the night. Good friends are a blessing. I find it rewarding when Andrew is able to spend time with someone who truly knows him. Thank you Joey and Lynsie for coming and for Katie's thoughtfulness in inviting them. Let's not wait until he's forty to get together again, please!

I love you Andrew and hope you had a very Happy Birthday. 


Katie Jensen said...

Thank you for spending the day with us. It was fun and kept my mind off my stupid problems.

Andrew Flegal said...

Thank you for giving me a very happy birthday Ali. I do remember the cinnamon rolls now.