Monday, May 20, 2013

Early May

It's no secret that I've been super photo happy these days. Perusing my latest batch of photos, I wasn't surprised to see that I have taken hundreds of photos of our newest family member. Before I return Forrest to the spotlight, I'd like to rewind to the beginning of May as there are a handful of memories that deserve notice.

This really needs no explanation.

It's a win for Mom when your soccer star offers a friendly wave followed by an enthusiastic, "Hi Mom!" as he zooms past you on the field.  

Rain or shine,
 (she came home soaked this last Saturday)

The kids have had a great time playing soccer this season. I can't believe they've played their final game and it's time to sign them up for next Fall already.

The family MVP goes to our Lottie as she was a great cheerleader at each of their games.

Returning to Henry,
He attended Kindergarten round-up in April. It was comforting to see how many kids he recognized from his two years at preschool as we sat in the cafeteria, waiting for it all to begin. When it was time to leave with the teachers and his future classmates, he had no problem saying, "Goodbye." We weren't apart for very long. When he returned, Henry was very positive about his experience exploring future classrooms and meeting the teachers. This is the last I want to think of Kindergarten until August! Lottie and I are going to MISS HIM something fierce!

Dad answered the call when Henry requested that we bring a few chickens to preschool for show and tell. And while I'm disappointed that my camera was on some randomly incorrect setting, I'm going to go ahead and share these.

There aren't words to properly describe how much Henry adores these pets of ours. If allowed, he would spend his entire life out in the coop digging for bugs to feed them. Last week, Nanna Teresa overheard him serenading his chickens as they played. When the chickens flew the coop for the first time, I was relieved to know I had Henry on hand to catch and secure them. As fun as it would be to chase chickens a couple days after giving birth, I happily designated the assignment to him.
Henry and Blackie (his favorite) 
Eliza and Pretty Bird
Since taking this picture, a proper door has been built. Before the door, Andrew used a baby-gate to secure the chicks inside their coop during the day. At night, they return to their home in the garage. Henry was needed to fetch the chickens the day they realized they were capable of flying over said baby gate. A few small adjustments remain until those chickens can permanently be relocated!

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*Jess* said...

Andrew is so handy! That's the best coop I've seen!