Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eliza turned seven!

Eliza enjoying a generous slice of birthday anticipation!
May 11, 2013

Dear Eliza,

I hope when you think back to your seventh birthday, you won't remember it as that bummer year your Mom talked you out of a friend party or the year that baby brother Forrest crashed the festivities. Rather, if you could see your day through my eyes, you'd see my relief and appreciation for you that afternoon you enthusiastically adopted my idea to have 'two special outings' alone with Mom & Dad in place of a party. You'd understand my gratitude that I did not go into labor on your birthday or that I didn't have to hear about your special day from my hospital bed. You shared this sentiment as all of your prayers leading up to Forrest's arrival included the following line,

"And please bless that the baby won't be born on my birthday." - No pressure, Mom.

Forrest and I came home from the hospital Friday morning which gave me time to pick up where I'd left off in making a few 'simple' preparations for your special day. After my false alarm on Sunday the 5th, I had the thought that it might be wise to bump up our 'Mom & Eliza' birthday activity. Monday night after dinner, we ditched the rest of our crew to enjoy some time on our own. Here's where I confess that I totally made the call on how we'd spend our "time."

Since your birthday closely coincides with Mother's day, I didn't have the heart to break with our mani/pedi tradition. And selfishly, I wanted to have cute toes for the hospital. You were on board with the plan.
You woke up bright and early on your birthday. Daddy and I had been up off and on with Forrest the night before, but I pulled myself out of bed anyway so that I could slave away over that package of cinnamon rolls.:) With the candle in place and fulfilling an easy request for the special red plate, we were set to sing to our birthday girl.
 *Side note: should I be concerned with the way her arm bends? 

Finally, after an agonizing amount of minutes, it was time for you to open your gifts - none of which were a surprise. You've been longing for an American Girl doll for along time. Part of reconciling the idea of not throwing you a party on the same scale that we did for Henry was that an American Girl doll costs an arm and a leg. 

So after I ordered and received the doll you'd selected after months of deliberation, you informed me a week before your birthday that you REALLY REALLY wanted Kit instead. What the... ?!?! 

"Too bad, so sad." I told you. "You get what you get and you will LOVE IT!" Or something like that. And you know what?
You did fall fall in love with her. 
You and I have had a fun time bonding with our new babies. 

Your awesome soccer coach brought a birthday crown to your game and made sure your teammates sang "Happy Birthday" to you. You came home, filled me in on what I'd missed and then left with Dad for a little Daddy/Daughter bonding to 'Get Air.'

 The two of you traveled in style.
 Before taking this picture, Dad told me that you had both arms in the air as if you were riding a roller coaster.
 That night, neighborhood friends ended up playing in our backyard. With your birthday treat in hand, we had an impromptu party of our own as the healthy sized group sang to you.

 Eliza, I'm far to hormonal to be writing about how much I love and appreciate you. It's not a safe activity for me, but here I go anyway. I love you very much. I have plenty of reasons why I'm proud to be your Mom; enough I'm sure to nauseate blog readers everywhere. Knowing how obnoxious this particular side of a parent can be, I'm giving myself permission to proceed.

You continue to excel academically. For a second year, you were chosen as citizen of the month in your classroom.
Moms love any type of cheesy certificate that spells out their child's name! As I've written before, learning Chinese has been a wonderful fit for you.You like to please your teachers... no clue where you get that from. ;)  In fact, this trait caused you some trouble this week as you decided to stay after school and help your teachers. Nanna Teresa, who went to pick you up from school that day, was a basket of nerves as she waited (and waited) for you to exit the school. She called me. We were both worried. Several long minutes had passed by. As I began giving her instructions on how to find your classroom, you suddenly appeared.

Your free time is usually spent with friends, in the backyard leading Henry and Lottie on an adventure through your imagination, up in your room re-designing your dolls living arrangements or at the counter doing art. At bedtime you read; currently it's Pippi Longstocking. Your mind is generally set on "CREATE" mode. That, I'm certain, you get from your Dad.

Your talents and interests aside, you are thoughtful, helpful and loving. I rely on you more than I ought to admit. You are such a giver and very in tune on how others are feeling. You can sass, you can resist and we can clash! Lucky for me, you can also forgive and have the patience to listen (and listen) when your Mom's mouth just won't quit moving. You are my angel girl. I'm thankful you were sent to our family, even if it was ahead of schedule :). Raising you has been life's greatest gift. I really really hope I don't mess this up.

I love you, Eliza!

I hope your seventh year is as wonderful as you are.


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*Jess* said...

Happy Birthday Eliza!! (and I bet she'll think sharing the week with Baby Forrest will be just fine!)