Friday, May 31, 2013

Forrest meets Grandma Popcorn

 "Got Milk?"

This sweet baby is three weeks old today.

(Wednesday, may 29)
With each day that passes, he resembles his Daddy more and more.

'See' what I mean?

Memorial day weekend Forrest ventured away from home for his first big outing to Salt Lake. He had a very special lady to meet.
Great Grandma Flegal a.k.a Popcorn

Someday I will write the full story of how my feelings evolved in regards to the name that Andrew totally shoved down my throat we chose for our son. I will say for now that my love for this precious Grandma of ours had something to do with it. Forrest is a family name on both his Father and Mothers side of the family. With Grandma here to share neat stories of her father-in-law, Forrest Grove (I kid you not), my heart began the process of softening.

After sharing time with the Flegals, we headed over to my Mom's house to celebrate Eliza's birthday and enjoy one last afternoon with our Mays cousins who moved to Alaska on Tuesday!
Even though it was Eliza's birthday that we were celebrating, Forrest stole the show. Newborns can't help it.

 The cousin crew

We wish the Mays family the best on their Alaskan adventure but I would be lying if I said that having them move away was a super happy thing for the cousins they leave behind. We love those girls, trust me it's true, but my heart weeps the most for Henry. He loves spending time with Scott and Tyler.
Andrew broke free from his work in the yard on Monday to take us on an outing. With a picnic set to go, we made the solid five minute drive to Beus pond. Two years later, we're realizing how slow we've been to discover local outdoor treasures. 
Having settled in a scenic spot, we ate lunch, harassed observed ducks and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. It was nice to have an adventure away from home that didn't involve a doctor's office or running to the store for more diapers. At some point, the cabin fever will push me and the Fleglets out the door without the security of Andrew. Until then, I'll continue to thank my lucky stars for sunny weather and a backyard for us to escape to.


*Jess* said...

Its good to know its Summer there, too :) I thought nice warm weather would never come!

Liz Green said...

I can see how forrest stole the show. He is such a cutie. Can't wait to meet him.

Katie Jensen said...

I didn't know you were afraid of breast pumps. I think you would enjoy the freedom it gives you to be away. I love your backyard. If I loved there, we'd be out enjoying it too.