Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Adding to what was already written about Andrew's birthday, a part of our day included a trip to the Ogden Nature Center. Earlier in the month, Eliza asked if she could enter an art contest in honor of Earth Day that she'd learned about through school. Not having much time until her entry would be due, she went to work that same afternoon.

A few weeks pass when I receive a call informing me that for her age group, Eliza's been declared the 'Grand Prize Winner'. April 20th would be the day they'd recognize her and the other participants who likewise placed in the contest. Sharing this happy news with her was such a fun Mom moment. Her excitement level was through the roof. It meant so much to her.

Here are a few photos from the award ceremony. 

My thoughtful parents made the drive up to cheer her on. The rain interfered with our plans to do some additional exploring that morning, but the good news is that one of her prizes includes a family membership to the nature center for an entire year! Wahoo!

She scored a variety of fun things, one of which was a gift card to use at the gift shop. She settled on this sweet snake and used the rest of her funds to make sure Henry and Lottie didn't go home empty handed.
 Here's a peek at the wet morning Lottie and I spent together watching Henry's soccer game (same day).
It turns out that five year old little boys don't mind playing soccer in the rain one bit. In the world of soccer, things really turned around this past Saturday in the weather department.

Whether it's exploring your art talent, trying your best on the soccer field or serving as the family cheerleader while you patiently wait your turn to enter the big kid world on a full time basis, our special kids have given us plenty of reasons to be proud of them.       


*Jess* said...

go Eliza!

Katie Jensen said...

What a girl

Karen said...

How cool! What a fun memory for her.