Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cascade Springs

Forrest Daniel
seven weeks old

Looking back at recent posts, Forrest is usually covered by a blanket or in the background napping in the stroller. Every once in awhile, I can't help but post the latest 'at home' glamor shot. He's such a sweet little boy. We enjoy having him so much; Henry especially. Henry is a nurturer. He and I team up to burp Forrest; I hold the baby while he pats his back. It's very exciting when we get that burp. Henry isn't just a lover of babies. His love extends all the way back to the chicken coop. Yes. It's true. In addition to the previous reports of him singing to them, I've also spied him tenderly rocking the chickens similar to how I rock Forrest.

Eliza is his second Mom. She's my extra pair of hands as she is always willing to hunt down a diaper (among other things) for me. Lucky for her, she sits next to him in the car and has perfected the art of knowing when to soothe his cries with a binki. As for Lottie, when she sees him each day, she acts like it's her first time meeting him.

"It's baby brother, Mom!" She'll cry! "His eyes are open!" and my favorite, "He's sooooooo cuuuuuute! I want to pet his head." Their signature cuddle involves Lottie stroking his head with her hand and then placing her cheek next to his head and letting out a sigh of content. Darn, it's cute.

Anyway, last Saturday our family had the lucky opportunity to catch up with some South Carolina friends; the Tolman family. We met them at Cascade Springs where we enjoyed a stroller friendly hike. It was great to catch up on their life and remember how blessed we were to have had that time in South Carolina. I was reminded how random it was that we found the Utah job that Andrew now has when we did. Easily, things could have worked out differently. We would still be living there. And the feeling that thought brings is, 'you'd still be very happy.' Our friendship with the Tolmans was evidence of this. Proving what a 'stellar' friend I am (not), I didn't even take a picture of their family to add in our collection. I feel terrible about that!

At the beginning of our walk, we met up with the Ranger who gave the kids an information sheet/game to work through. He 'quizzed' them when we met up with him at the end and rewarded their efforts with tattoos, stickers and/or a bookmark. Eliza took it quite seriously. :)

The weather was spot on. We couldn't have asked for a better day; maybe just more time to spend with our friends.

Apparently they have rules against standing/walking through the pure water of the Springs. When the Ranger asked us upon our return what the best part of the trail was, Eliza shamelessly tattled on the lot of us.

"The best part? Oh! Well, there was this big field of rocks with really cold water that we had fun walking through..." The Ranger interrupts her right then while Andrew suddenly pretends that he doesn't know her. He asks no one in particular,

"Whose child is this? Has anyone misplaced their child?" Her innocence combined with our rule breaking proved that awkward situations can most definitely be funny. Rule breaking aside, The Ranger still passed out those bookmarks. 
Lunch, tailgate style, followed. After saying 'Goodbye' to the Tolmans we made our way to Nanna Teresa's for an afternoon of swimming. Bubba and cousin Emilee joined in the fun. Pizza with the Jensens wrapped up a nearly perfect Saturday. Sunday we were in Salt Lake again for dinner at my Mom's. It was a nice weekend.

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