Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Castle Park

Here comes another fascinating post demonstrating the thrill that comes from taking your four kids to the park. Not only did you leave the house on time, but you also remembered to pack drinks, snacks, diapers, wipes (among other baby essentials) and sunscreen. Learning from past mistakes, you also remembered to fit your children with appropriate shoes. You feel unstoppable, lady! And finally, something that will please your miserly mister ( you remembered your cup from home to ensure a discounted price for when you stop by your local drink stop for a nice, caffeine-free, beverage.

It's the little outings that make a Mom of a newborn feel like a good parent again.

It was Eliza's first trip to the Castle Park. She's heard so much about it and had expressed deep disappointment when Henry and Lottie were asked to go while she was recovering from her surgery. Her expectations were matched as she had a great morning.

Alright, alright... I confess. I wasn't completely on my own. We met my Mom there. As always, she is my safety net, friend and an additional audience member and playmate for the kids.

"Look at me Nana, watch me!" They'll cry.

 And while we patiently wait for an actual vacation, we'll continue to celebrate the simple joy of running through sprinklers out back, riding bikes in our circle, sharing lunch with our chicken friends (ahem, Henry) and exploring a new neighborhood park.

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