Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fathers day

The fourth day following Eliza's tonsillectomy looked something like this.
As we approach her two week post-op mark, I can say that she's done well. Comparing her experience to other tonsil removal horror stories, I attribute the ease of her recovery to her young age and our close friends: Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I'm happy to say that Eliza is long past needing the help of pain medicine, but as she demonstrated this morning, she is definitely not past requesting a Popsicle for breakfast.

Off topic: At our house, Andrew and I have had to adjust the names of the groupings we use when discussing our children. For example,

"Have the big kids (Eliza, Henry and Lottie) had their teeth brushed yet?" Five minutes later, Lottie will be labeled one of the 'littles' when grouped with Forrest in a different conversation. It wasn't long after Forrest's arrival that I began to refer to Henry and Lottie as 'the middles.' 

"Aunt Ami offered to take the middles to her house tomorrow " (when Eliza was still recovering from surgery). Coming across this scene, the final pairing came to me.
"The bookends are both taking a nap."  I'm sure you're in awe of my cleverness. ;)  Seriously though, it's been hard to wrap my mind around the number FOUR when thinking about our kids. Seven weeks later, it still surprises me when I look in the back of our car and see it that full. I still call Lottie baby in casual conversation; which I've decided is just fine considering she's my baby girl and the fact that my brain can only handle so much transition ;)

Shifting topics once more, I pretty much failed my spouse on Father's day. He took Forrest downstairs Sunday morning so I could sleep. I came downstairs in time to enjoy the delicious breakfast he made all by himself. What a guy. However, he did squeeze in a nap of his own before Church which is when the kids and I made cookies and decorated cards for their Grandpa's and Daddy.

After Church we headed to Salt Lake to celebrate with the Flegals. The Taylors and Uncle Mike were both in town which made the day even better.    

 We love our Bubba. You don't have to look far to understand why my children have the wonderful Father that they do. Andrew has a great example in his Father who taught him what it means to play, teach and serve your family.

I feel a happy sense of satisfaction and gratitude when I watch my kids trail after Andrew in the yard as he tackles a project or as they investigate the garden together. Andrew isn't one to sit and relax (unless he has a stash of otter-pops or bowl of ice cream to occupy himself). He likes to keep busy.
Eliza is a lot like him in that regard. She finds great joy in creating something... the process of working through an idea until her result is deemed a success.

Henry's interests and personality mimic Andrew's.
He looks like his Dad. They are similar thinkers. They share a 'cheetah run' and a passion for poultry.
Lottie, in my opinion, has the tightest grip on his heart. I wouldn't say that she's his favorite (that's not allowed, right?), but they definitely delight in charming one another. She's the family cure for the grumpies and can bring a smile to his face faster than anyone.
And finally there is Forrest, whom Andrew's been patiently waiting for. Driving home from Salt Lake last Sunday I asked him what the best part of his day had been. After sharing one moment, he soon back tracked.

"You know," he began. "that smile Forrest gave me this morning felt pretty great. That was the best part."

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love your posts. They make me smile, so I watch them over and over, Love you tons