Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Bummer, 2013 edition

Last year, it was a broken arm. This year, after five consecutive months of strep throat, Eliza had a tonsillectomy. The shift from hoping to avoid surgery to wanting to have them quickly removed was sharp. Perhaps it's the 'new Mom' in me, but when the illness finally spread to younger siblings, my sanity snapped.
Here's our sweet girl an hour or so after her operation. When we were allowed to be with her, it was apparent that she was having a rough time with pain and nausea. The nurse arrived with additional meds. And I quote: 

"It's like morphine, but stronger." Well, whatever it was, Eliza's pre-surgery personality returned full force following a short nap. It propelled her through the afternoon. She was acting very close to normal when we returned home. It was repeated to us again and again that days three and four are the most difficult; even so, I'm grateful that 'day one' ended on a positive note.  

Here's a recap of her big day.
The night before, our home teacher came over to help Andrew give her a Priesthood blessing. It settled Mom's nerves, I think, as much as it did hers. Eliza enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream (a preview of her future post-op diet), followed by a story with Mom.

We were discouraged when we received word that Eliza wouldn't be admitted until 10:15 the next morning. She's like a hobbit as she frequently enjoys two breakfasts (and/or snacks). Skipping food all together, as she was required to fast, didn't sit well with her.  It would be close to lunchtime before they'd take her to the operating room. Thankfully she didn't complain very much. At 7:29 a.m. she came in to my room.

"You have one minute to have a drink of water!" I quickly reminded her. Doctor's orders stated that she could have clear liquids until 7:30 a.m. After that, liquids were likewise off limits. She rushed, in dramatic fashion, to find herself a cup. It was cute.

As I went about our preparations this morning, Eliza took care to write a list of important things to bring. Among my favorites was her thought to make a "Thank you" card for her Doctor. Giving it to him this morning was a highlight. He smiled and said he'd be hanging it up in the operating room.
The time finally came. With Nanna Teresa here to care for the kids, we were all set to go (Princess scrubs and all).
 The nurses were great. Finding a hair net for her doll Gracie seemed to be standard procedure. When Eliza woke up from surgery, Gracie had a purple band around her wrist to match the one that was covering Eliza's i.v.
 This is when we said, "Goodbye." I didn't like that part at all. 

 Feeling well enough, she has her first Popsicle.
Five hours later, we were allowed to go home. :) Thanks again to both our Nanas who spent time entertaining and loving on our children today. Strep be gone (fingers crossed) so we can move on to more exciting Summer pastimes.


Katie Jensen said...

She'll be in our prayers.

Liz Green said...

What a brave girl!