Saturday, June 15, 2013

Waiting for normal

 The Recovery Nest

Infamous 'day three' of Eliza's recovery has passed and while I noticed a dip in her mood, I'd say that she's done very well. She spends her time doing art, watching shows, eating popsicles and wandering outside when she feels up to it. Her biggest complaint (and it's a loud one) is that she detests the taste of liquid Lortab. The 'necessary evil' of pain medicine is what's keeping her happy boat afloat.
While we wait for 'Eliza the leader' to return to full health, I thought I'd take a moment to catch up on the happier summertime activities we enjoyed prior to her operation. Forgive the random reporting as I'm basically playing catch-up.
I came home from running errands one night to find Forrest doing yard work with his cute Dad. Lucky for him, that entailed depositing manure into the garden. 

"We start them young." was Andrew's simple explanation. 

 What's up, Henry?!

A few weekends back, Uncle Mike arrived from Georgia and came to meet Forrest. Bubba, Nanna and the twins came too. We met up at the splash pad and then headed to our house for dinner. It was a fun night!
Looking back, it seems that Lottie stole the show at the splash pad. Either that or I was just so concerned by her wanting to drink the recycled water that I didn't take my eye off of her! She's pure fun these days.
The night wouldn't have been complete without a water bottle rocket demonstration. Eliza and Henry were more than happy to assist their Dad.
Impressive, yes? This went on for quite sometime. When a bottle ended up in a neighbor's backyard we decided to call it quits. I should mention that the neighbor I'm referring to, lives across the street and down two houses. Those babies flew. 

A week ago, it happened. I took my four children back to the splash pad by myself. We met some friends, so I wasn't completely on my own, but still! It was a goal I'd been itching to reach. Forrest was ready for a nap by the time we got settled, so lucky for Mom, he took a nice long snooze while the kids played.
Last Saturday, Andrew took the kids to the pool where they met up with Nana Marie and the Chamberlain crew. Speaking of the Chamberlains, Aunt Ami came to the rescue today as she offered to take Henry and Lottie for a few hours. Eliza was sad to miss out on a cousin play-date, but I think she and I equally enjoyed the quiet this morning. I know that Henry and Lottie were thrilled with their escape away from home. Thank you, Ami!  

And since this post has been a random sampling of weeks past, here's a recent one of a cute baby for the road.
 (5 weeks)

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