Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Bear-y Fun Finish

The final morning of our trip to Bear Lake was spent packing and cleaning up the cabin. Wanting something to look forward to other than our drive home, we went on a hike before leaving the area.

Sporting their recently designed, hand crafted, Nana was pinterest inspired, t-shirts: the children set off on their adventure. Lucky for me, I got to sport a cute baby. I'll be honest though; when the incline of the hike began, I murmured a little. I had envisioned something more like the stroller friendly board walk at Silver Lake. Sadly, this hike did not include said boardwalk.  To its credit, It wasn't incredibly strenuous and there was plenty of shade. As I own up to my complain shame, I will say in my defense that I got over it real quick and enjoyed myself.

Andrew offered to take Forrest but the baby prefers me, so said my Motherly pride, so I opted to keep him. Lottie would need her Dad to carry her later on anyway.  Eliza was in high spirits for awhile but it wasn't long until she began her own sad song of, "Are we done yet?" Knowing who she takes after in this particular venue, I felt doubly bad.

Meanwhile, my two boys, Andrew and Henry, were doubly happy.

"I feel like I've come home!" Andrew sighed as he took in his surroundings. "We need to do more of this."

Henry was lost in his imagination as he and his pretend puppy hunted for 'chick-munks.'

"Man." He lamented. "I wish I had a real dog so I could find the chick-munks easier." That was his single complaint that morning. With his marshmallow shooting gun, he went to town on the wildlife or whatever it was that was running rampant in his head.

Lottie took it upon herself to look super cute in her pink hat. Every once in awhile, she'd request a lift service from Dad, but did fairly well. It's still hard to know if nature rings loud in her soul like her Dad or if she's a "let's order room service" (not that I have ever done that) kind of girl like her Mom.
Forrest slept through the whole thing. What a life! :)

As I mentioned a moment ago, Nana came prepared with an array of craft activities for the 'grand-wees' to do. There was decorating shirts with sharpie and a dab of rubbing alcohol which created a fun little tie-dye effect. They constructed marshmallow mellow shooting guns out of pvc pipe (is that what it's called?) and engaged in an epic battle of mini-marshmallow fame.  And, with my Mom's help, we decorated Eliza's flip flops with water balloon ties. It was a fun few days. We learned that in the future we need to extend the trip by a day or so. It went by too fast. 
Constructing their marshmallow shooting guns
Preparing for battle

A few final favorites
The Mays Crew
When I got after Eliza for hiding in the pictures, she just laughed.

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Katie Jensen said...

That doll picture is SCARY. Thinking of Bear Lake makes me crave those yummy shakes...mmmmmm.