Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Into the Lake

Having completed my first, albeit brief, spin around the lake with Andrew and Henry, Andrew cuts the engine of the Sea-doo. As I watch Henry waddle through the water back to his cousins, I realize that I've lost my insurance for a safe and slow ride. Surprising myself I ask:

"Would it be okay if I drive now?" Supporting the idea fully, Andrew and I swap places. We holler to our crew that we're going back out for a few minutes. Knowing that Forrest is asleep, I seize the opportunity.

Andrew feigns patience as I warm up to the machine. I feel myself smiling like a fool as I increase the speed. Before I know it, my foolish behavior evolves into high pitched wail. I sing out my happiness.

"THIS IS SO MUCH FUUUUUUN!!!!" It's nice to be reunited with that particular feeling. Andrew takes my hand. It's a sweet gesture. Except... Hey wait.

"Honey. HONEY!! What are you doing? My thumb... LET GO OF MY THUMB!" My thumb controls the speed. It is currently trapped underneath his. With his thumb calling the shots, I've lost control of the sea-doo's speed. We are going A LOT faster than my sissy pants self is comfortable with. I panic and holler  and do my best to throw an efficient tantrum.

He finally gives into my wishes. We return to a slower pace. Other than the heart attack I almost had, it was a lot of fun. Our second ride together would begin with promises of not doing that again. I failed to add in a request that he remain still and not intentionally rock the sea-doo back and forth in an attempt to flip us. I'll remember that part next time; lesson learned.
The sea-doo, picnicking, playing in the sand, wading in the water and visiting under the shade tent made our two days on the beach very memorable. 

What's that Lottie? Did I forget something?
... You're right! Trekking it to the porta-potty was AWESOME. 

The distance to the primitive-type bathroom wasn't close. However, when you have a child in the midst of potty training, the instruction to "go in the lake" is confusing. So when they tell you they have to go potty... you make that walk. Or you ask your husband to make that walk for you. However, when he's off giving rides on the sea-doo... it's a bonding experience you get to embrace!

You make the trek through the hot sand together. Arriving at your destination, you say a silent farewell to fresh oxygen as you push open the door. You wish you could numb your brain out of its awareness to the germ fest that awaits you both. You cringe as she begins the process to seat herself. And then, after placing her so carefully on that awful throne of nastiness... she passes a little gas before announcing with a tone of finality, 

"I'm done." Except she never went. It doesn't matter though because she repeats again, "Mom! I am done!" 

We can celebrate her bathroom accomplishments in another post because in all sincerity I am thrilled she is potty trained. I just have to say, while we're on the topic, potty training is super inconvenient. The 'easy' factor depends on whether your child is truly ready, but I believe that it is never a convenient thing. 

Now that I've killed your appetite, let's return to the beach picture fest. If you don't mind.
Henry was generally in "construction mode." Having him in a BRIGHT green swimsuit was a good parenting decision. It was always easy to spot him.

Eliza had her pick of cousins at the lake. They all got along so well.
 Lottie bounced back and forth between cousin Sara and cuddling in her towel.
 Tired of having a camera in her face, Lottie effectively "hides" from her Mom.
 As for Forrest, what's that saying?

He had it made in the shade.

The grown ups had a nice time too. 
 Just ask Andrew and Adam. :)

As for Andrew, he was given the opportunity to ride the sea-doo solo.

"Be safe." I admonish.

"Always." He replies.

"Are you going to fall off?" I question as I begin to walk away.

"I'm sure going to try." He smiled.

Mission accomplished.

This final shot made this memory resurface. It makes me happy (and a little sad because they are missed) remembering those years.


jamie t. said...

So fun! Once again... making me so excited for our trip

rachel garber said...

Garbs and I have been talking about paddling at Bear Lake maybe . . . as it is much, much grander than our small lakes nearby. We are at odds though over how clear the water is: he claims it is pretty clear and I don't buy it (though have never been). What would you say?

*Jess* said...

Its beautiful there!