Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just keep swimming

It is hot!

My personal lack of sleep combined with that stifling thick blanket of heat that Mother Nature has lovingly tucked us under, has left me with a melted brain of goo. With that being said, let's keep this simple.

Popsicles, fruit smoothies, slurpees, air conditioning, fans, shade, swimming pools and generous neighbors & family have been key to this past week's survival.  

It began with a ward BBQ. Our kids didn't believe me when I told them Miss Nancy had a pool in her backyard. It's well concealed. Imagine their delight when my promise came to pass. She hosted a backyard BBQ complete with swimming and fancy party lights. It was a wonderful evening. Eliza surprised us all when she took her first of many trips off of the diving board.

The party scene:
 We really do have great neighbors.
 Check out these handsome boys.
 This little lady is happiest when her Dad is her life vest.
Eliza, with her life jacket, was fearless as she twisted, turned, walked backward and intentionally belly flopped her way off that board. It was a big step for her. And it made me laugh. Swimming lessons are coming up in a few more weeks. Here's hoping they can cure her of plugging her nose.

Saturday we made a return trip to Miss Nancy's for more swimming. Having befriended their grand daughter, our kids were asked to come over. Talk about a fun play-date. It was nice that they invited the parents to tag along.

Monday I took the kids swimming at the Farmington pool. Talk about a crazy production. Awkward appropriately describes the scene of shuttling the kids, our swim gear (in a laundry bag no less - can't find my swim bag), a double stroller, a baby filled car seat, life jackets, etc. Luckily my Mom, sister and nieces still claimed us when we rolled in. Without my family's help, that exhaustive adventure wouldn't have been possible. My job is with Forrest, keeping him cool in the shade while my Mom and sister made sure my three older kids didn't drown. I'm pleased to report that everyone did their job efficiently while having a great time. 

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*Jess* said...

while you guys are suffering from a heat wave out west, we are drowning in 80 degrees and constant rain out here!